Marvel Snap

released on Oct 18, 2022

Marvel Snap: The fastest card battler in the multiverse!

Build your Marvel dream team in this fast-paced, action-packed, collectible card game available on Mobile and PC.

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abi nie bu kdr saçma bir meta seçtiniz ki

O jogo possui uma mecânica legal e pra quem gosta de TCG vale a pena, mas ainda falta muita coisa importante, como a versão nativa de PC.

Starts out surprisingly fun and addictive at first with an interesting gambling system to determine rank, and to its credit, does a good job at first of hiding how retardedly pay-to-win it is. Then you reach either a high enough rank or high enough collector level and realize if you're not spending $20+ a month, you're not winning games consistently.
When it can take upwards of days at a time before you can unlock ONE NEW RANDOM CARD without paying, reevaluate your life and why you haven't ended it.

Still playing it time to time but, as every card game, I got tired. This does not mean that the game is not a blast: it is actually the first card game I've played for so long and with so much enjoyment. Highly recommend

Marvel Snap was the biggest surprise of 2022. I have never been a fan of card game portions of games. Less than 5 hours of my life as Geralt was spent on Gwent, triple triad in FFXIV does nothing for me and I actively despised Joustus in king of cards. I'm also not a big fan of mobile games as they are typically shallow affairs that never hold my attention. So for Marvel snap to be my most played game to release in 2022 and a near ever-present in my daily life, they must have got something right. The key to marvel snap is that its easy to pick up and hard to master. Each card is both a part of marvel's illustrious history and a chess piece that can change the game if used correctly. A game of marvel snap lasts less than 5 minutes so it's easy to justify trying different combination of cards as picking cards with poor synergy will not cost you much. The process of developing wining decks is as satisfying as learning the ropes in any fighting game. The games various locations that impact each match only add to the complexity as you alter your strategy based on there affects as well as your opponents moves. The snap is a genius mechanic that forces you to either call there bluff or fold like its a high stake poker game. The ability to upgrade your cards, so they are 3D holographic brings back childhood memories , alongside giving the game a engaging gameplay loop. Upgrading your cards, daily challenges and season challenges keep me coming back day after day. Not being able to buy unique cards is one of the best decisions the devs ever made and allows me to come back day after day unlocking new cards, getting a holographic card collection my childhood self could only dream of and switching between strategies to keep the game fresh is a wining formula where the marvel licence is only the cherry on top of a delicious cake.

A card game with simple mechanics. Easy to get into difficult to master. You'll be surprised how many diverse decks you can come up with, with ass simple cards this game offers. Each match takes about 2 minutes or so and every match feels unique enough to keep you engaged in its core gameplay loop.