Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap

released on Oct 18, 2022

Marvel Snap

released on Oct 18, 2022

Marvel Snap: The fastest card battler in the multiverse! Build your Marvel dream team in this fast-paced, action-packed, collectible card game available on Mobile and PC.

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El mejor juego de cartas que se ha hecho para móviles. El único que sigo jugando constantemente, unos meses más a tope y otros más de chill, pero siempre jugando. No me abruma, ni me aburre, ni siento que me quede atrás por no jugar X evento y perderme X carta. Ser fan de Marvel y tener este juegarral es un verdadero regalo.

Marvel Snap ha hecho los deberes y hay que reconocerle el mérito.

This was written December 2022
Finally, a trading card game (TCG) that I can get into that doesn't require me to spend arms and legs to stay competitive nor wastes my time. These matches truly are a snap to complete one after the other. If Elden Ring was a 5-course meal and Neon White was a series of gourmet tapas, Marvel Snap would be a giant vat of kettle corn that I am just cronching on every opportunity I get. It's fresh, quick, and satisfying whether I get a few bites or just go to town on the whole vat.

This game just released in 1.0 in October and it took over my little moments of free time in a snap. Waiting for the oven to preheat? Snap. Poopin'? Snap. In the car on a boring stretch of road? Sn- I mean NO! I'm kidding. But did I think about doing it? YEAH. I DID.

I will say this is not the first time I've been here with a TCG on my phone. I am still a recovering Hearthstone addict and I've been clean a few years and I've gotten some bumps from single player experiences like Slay the Spire, Inscryption, and Nowhere Prophet. And heck, this is made by some of the original minds behind Hearthstone! So they know what they're doing. I know that I'm smack in the middle of the honeymoon period with this game, but that doesn't stop me from saying it is so smart and so complex for a game who's matches only last 5 minutes. The mechanics are so solid and new synergies are being found all the time as they release new cards and locations. Maybe someday it'll go stale, but for now it feels like there is a long road ahead for variety and I am fully here for the ride.

Despite multiplayer being limited to random opponents only at the moment, they are promising a friendly match mode which has me pumped because I currently text match highlights and new card variants with a couple friends that I'd love the chance to actually play against in the near future. I will definitely be playing Marvel Snap in 2023 and beyond.

Divertido, artes lindas, e com algumas mecânicas interessantes. Porém muito cansativo quando se trata de construir decks novos, ou mesmo conseguir cartas novas e boas.

O jogo prioriza muito a venda de cartas, passes e recursos, ao invés de construir uma experiência satisfatória de conquista de cartas e afins. As recompensas são muito poucas comparadas ao absurdo do preços dos pacotes.

Existe ainda a presença de muito bugs, travamentos e lentidão, para um jogo tão leve, é notável um descuido da equipe nesse quesito.

Por conta desses fatores, não me vejo jogando mais esse jogo, na verdade estava a bastante tempo sem jogar e fiz o log só pra não passar em branco. Pois as únicas coisas que me faziam permanecer no game era conseguir novas artes e cartas novas, e isso é extremamente difícil e nada recompensador.

Espero uma atualização que melhore a economia e desempenho, assim possivelmente voltaria a jogar.

Has the 3 "FFF", Fast, Free and Fnot play to win, recommended for playing card gamers