Max Payne, gritty ex-cop and titular hero of this third-person shooter, sets out on his own to take revenge on those who murdered his wife and child, only for the plot he's involved in to get deeper and deeper. As his guilt and trauma build, Payne finds himself in more and more impossibly unfavourable and astounding situations, which challenge his methods, his worldview, and even his existence.

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Outra masterpiece da Remedy e Sam Lake, alguns momentos os controles são tenebrosos como nas sessões de pesadelos. Pra um jogo de tiro em terceira pessoa antes de RE4 até que tá ótimo a gameplay dele

Max Payne is dripping with style, and all of itself works perfectly in conjunction with its other parts. The gameplay focused on pulling off slow-motion acrobatic stunts during gunfights is very satisfying and meshes well with the various setpieces.
Story’s great too, from the presentation to the protagonist who strikes the perfect blend between badass and tragic, to the slightly mythological/surreal slant it takes at some points, with tons of tiny little subtleties that I appreciated a lot.

Conceptually perfect with a great base to build off of, but nearly everything good about this game is heavily weighed down by a clunky and finnicky engine. When a game is supposed to have really fluid and dynamic combat, having to stand still to activate it makes things feel herky-jerky and unsatisfying. Most of the gunfights in this I had to savescum my way through, despite hitting my marks most of the time. It's a serious shame, because this is a really great game at its core. The noir mood is superb, the way the story just keeps evolving and growing into something more is perfectly done, and the idea of bullet time in combat is so brilliant, even with the sloppy execution. There's a reason this game is as important as it is, and I definitely felt that while playing, even if I had my frustrations with the gameplay. I'm not one to endorse remakes (though I will gladly partake in them), but I definitely feel like this game could really shine from having some better tuning. Until then, my feelings on it will most likely remain the same.

Um acerto absurdo da Rockstar e Remedy ao fazerem um dos jogos de ação mais divertidos do PS2, nada melhor do que desacelerar o tempo e fuzilar um bando de mafiosos. Simplesmente maravilhoso.

My Lady, my Lord, my Lady, my Lord...

the STYLE is just sooooo good i love this to death