The game takes place across a variety of levels, many of which require certain objectives to be performed to progress. Sir Daniel Fortesque can use a variety of weapons, consisting of close range weapons such as swords and clubs to long range weapons such as crossbows. Many of these weapons can be charged for a powerful attack and some weapons, such as the club, can be used to access areas that are otherwise inaccessible. When not possessing any items, Dan is able to rip his own arm off and use it for both melee and ranged attacks. Dan can equip a shield alongside weapons to defend against attacks; though they can only take several hits of damage before breaking. Throughout the game, Dan can visit gargoyle heads of two varieties; green ones offer Dan information while blue ones allow Dan to buy services or ammunition by using the treasures he finds.

Dan's health is determined by a single health bar, which reduces when Dan is hit. It will deplete completely if Dan drowns or falls from a great height. If Dan completely runs out of health, the game will end. Dan can extend his maximum health by collecting Life Bottles, which will automatically refill his health bar if it drops to zero. Also hidden throughout the game are Life Vials and Life Fountains that can replenish Dan's health and fill up any empty Life Bottles Dan has. In each level, there is a hidden Chalice of Souls, which can be collected if the player fills it with enough souls from defeated enemies (some Chalices are awarded via other means). If the player clears a level with a Chalice in hand, Dan is warped to the Hall of Heroes, where he can speak to a legendary hero who will give him rewards, such as weapons. If the player finishes the game with all the Chalices, the game's true ending is revealed.

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This review contains spoilers

When I was a kid, my brother had a bunch of those Playstation Underground demo discs. My siblings and I would spend a lot of time playing through these demos, probably more time than the people throwing them together anticipated. One of the best ones though was the JamPack: 1997 Winter Demo Disc. This one had games like Crash 3, Spyro 1, Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider Revelations, Small Soldiers, A Bug's Life, and more. I ended up getting many of these games, but there was one game that I enjoyed a lot that I never owned as a kid, yet it never really left my brain. That game was MediEvil. You got to play around 15 or 20 minutes of the game, then it would just throw you back to the main menu of the demo disc. I always wanted to get more out of it. It wasn't until around 2010 that I started looking for games I wanted to try as a child but never got around to. MediEvil was one at the top of my list, and after watching some playthroughs, I decided to pick it up, and I'm very glad I did.
MediEvil takes place in the 1200s. In a kingdom called Gallowmere, there was an evil sorcerer named Zarok. He and his demonic army went to war with Gallowmere's army, led by the main character, the courageous Daniel Fortesque. Legends say that Dan fought valiantly, led the kingdom to victory, and peace reigned for 100 years because of him. In reality, he fell to the first arrow shot in the whole war, going directly into his eye. Being a necromancer, Zarok came back 100 years later to claim his revenge on the kingdom, summoning vast armies of the undead to do his bidding. During the process, he accidentally resurrects Dan. Fully aware of his embarrassing defeat, Dan decides to take this opportunity to settle the score and live up to his own legacy. However, he’s nothing more than a one-eyed, jawless skeleton with armor at this point. All the gargoyles in his crypt all make fun of him as he storms out to save Gallowmere once again.
The main goal of the game is to simply make it to the end of each level, as you hack and slash enemies, platform around, and solve some puzzles along the way. If you kill enough enemies, you can collect a Golden Chalice in each level, which teleports you to The Hall of Heroes: an eternal resting ground for history’s greatest heroes. There, Dan speaks with the reanimated statues of past heroes who offer him new weapons to use. There's quite an array of weapons and each one works a bit differently, allowing you to make use of different weapons in different scenarios. There's a wide variety of enemies as well, some of which have weaknesses to certain weapon types. There’s a war hammer that you can charge, smash on the ground, and make a shockwave which perfect for crowd control. There’s a sword you can enchant to make stronger, but it loses effect the longer you keep it outside your inventory. There’s a flaming longbow that allows you to set enemies on fire and do burn damage over time. If you somehow lose your all weapons to sticky-fingered enemies, Dan can rip his own arm off and use it as a boomerang or as a melee weapon. There are also shields you can use, though they can only take so much damage before breaking, in which case, you can repair them at through a merchant. This is just barely scratching the surface in terms of what you can get in your arsenal.
One of the strongest things going for this game is its atmosphere. A large portion of MediEvil’s art style was influenced by Nightmare Before Christmas. I think a good word to describe is is “spooky,” but in the fun, Halloween-y sense. It has “spooky” locations like graveyards, castles, crypts, villages, forests, and more, yet it never takes itself too seriously and never gets truly scary. And of course, there are all kinds of classic monsters, such as zombies, goblins, demons, evil pumpkins, mintotaurs, and way more. Additionally, in the same vein as Silent Hill, the developers used the draw-distance fog to their advantage. Every level in the game is covered by a thick, black fog. In most other games, this wouldn’t look great, but it works perfectly for this game, as it makes you feel like you’re on an adventure in the dead of night and you have no idea what might be lurking in the shadows. The soundtrack is awesome and suits the atmosphere perfectly. One of my favorite tracks is the Hilltop Mausoleum with the harsh pipe organs, horns, and choirs blaring as you explore the crumbling, haunted basement of the mausoleum. Many of the tracks generally have a “spooky” vibe, with some of them being dramatic, mysterious, or subdued. In addition, the game itself tries to lean more towards the comedic side than horror side. The writing is silly and genuinely funny at times, with many NPCs poking fun at Dan and fueling his desire to win against Zarok just out of spite.
My biggest complaint with MediEvil is the controls. Dan is very clunky and has a strange momentum to him, making him feel heavier than he should. Once you get used to it, it works fine for the most part. However, there are some levels that do not account for this, so you’re going to be dying constantly to the same jumps over and over (Pools of the Ancient Dead is the worst offender). His jump is very short and tied to his momentum so it’s sometimes a gamble if you have a tough gap to jump across. Additionally, the control layout is pretty different compared to most platformers of the time, which can throw you off when you first start. As I said before though, you get used to it. Other than that, I don’t really have many other issues.
If you’re always looking for Halloween-themed games to play in October and you haven’t played this one, I’d greatly recommend it. Aside from the controls, this game has aged gracefully and still holds up well. One of my absolute favorites for the PS1.

One of my favorite games, love the world they created in this.

i dont know how to feel about this one,its ok i guess?

An endlessly quotable game that's filled with so much imagination, humour, charm, and spunk.

When I originally played this as a youngin', I only had the demo on one of those Pizza Hut demo discs they used to give out to people. It used to be scary to me and I had no idea that it was a comedy game. After playing it again in 2022, I realized that it was a comedy game and actually laughed a good amount of times. It's got a lot to do and an interesting story to go along with it.

It's been a while since I've played this game but it was a lot of fun. I'm not much of a gamer and have only recently decided to give them a try, but I did like this. Most of my enjoyment though came from the fact I used to play this game a lot with my dad and it was probably the funnest thing we ever did together. I have fond memories of fighting all these different creatures and there being this final boss character, it was pretty cool but not something I would seek out to play myself or something I get a deeper fulfillment out of playing.