Mega Man 2

released on Jun 02, 1989
by Capcom

An expanded game of Rockman 2: Dr. Wily no Nazo

In the year 200X, a super robot named Mega Man was created. Dr. Light created Mega Man to stop the evil desires of Dr. Wily. However, after his defeat, Dr. Wily created eight of his own robots to counter Mega Man.

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This is the literal definition of a retro game I can pick up and play and have fun with. It's easier than the first game but provides a lot more content and the level design is so much more fun. Honestly, this is my second time playing through the whole game and I already loved it before but replaying it was a blast. From the better level design to adding more Robot Masters and stages to the really fun Wily Castle segments. I think this game really has it all. The only complaint I could think of is the weapons again but even that isn't so bad because I found myself switching weapons pretty often. Honestly I think it's literally just the Time-Stopper but considering what it's meant to be for which is to make Quick Man easier, then it gets a pass in my book. Overall, I think this game is really well made and fun and easily became my favourite retro game I've played this year, if not ever.

Tbh I don't really care for this one much like others do. I think the robot masters itself are mostly pretty cool and the stages are fine but the castle is just not it. Wily 4 is an easy punching bag but honestly idk what they were on with that one. I think a lot of the nostalgia comes from being a kid and just playing the robot master stages over and over instead of using a password to get to wily castle because it really falls apart there for me. Also the weapons are fine and the introduction of items that eventually become rush are good, but most weapons don't really matter when metal blades are broken like that

Mega Man 2, the only video game brave enough to ask, "what if you needed Crash Bomb to hit Bed of Chaos?"

Aunque pienso que este juego esta muy sobrevalorado, yo lo disfruto mas por su OST, la música de los niveles del Dr. Wily es un banger, pero no le voy a dar 5 estrellitas por eso, el juego es jodido como su anterior entrega pero aun así es muy bueno, al menos los 8 robots master no te quitan demasiada vida y son fáciles de matar.

actually pretty fun, i see the hype, cool game