Mega Man 8

released on Dec 17, 1996

A gigantic space explosion sends two strange meteors crashing to Earth. The call goes out and Mega Man speeds to the site. There he sees his arch-rival, Dr. Wiley, fleeing the scene, clutching one of the mysterious metallic meteors. Now Mega Man must uncover the secret of the second meteor in a race to stay one step ahead of Dr. Wiley and his new deadly breed of super-powered robots.

• Battle across 14 huge stages to face eight devious new enemies.
• Multiple upgrades for Mega Man - customize to your specifications every game.
• Intense Japanese anime intros, cut scenes and cinema screens.
• Incredibly fluid animation and highly detailed backgrounds.

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Easily the BEST MM classic for me.
It doesn't get many new features besides the fact that now we can SWIM with MegaMan, but its new "features" are now mostly present in the diverse boss stages' design.
The story is the most different and somewhat ambitious from the other ones, if I should say. We now have the "confirmation" that there are aliens in the MM universe and the story of this one revolves around Duo and an "evil energy" that he must extinguish for the sake of whatnot. Well, whatever, in the entire franchise there isn't at least one mention to Duo or the story of this game, so all that happens here is basically filler(?).
Anyway, this game is beautiful and I can easily ignore the lack of difficulty for the sake of the graphics 🥰 (btw the english dubbing sucks)

No es realmente fácil hablar de este juego. Pero haré mi mejor intento. Aprecio el nuevo estilo visual, le da un nuevo aire, aunque no muchos estén de acuerdo. El diseño de nivel de los 4 primeros robots esta bastante bien (y toma el concepto de dividir los niveles en 2 partes, ya antes visto en x4), pero en los siguientes 4, no se, siento que empeora. En donde mas se nota esto es en el nivel de astro man, sinceramente un nivel de laberinto no le queda al estilo de un megaman, que solo consiste en correr y matar enemigos.
Eso si, se aprecia que hayan intentado cosas nuevas, como nuevas mecánicas, niveles mas extensos, poderes mas utiles, entre otros. Y me parece una porquería que no deje guardar el progreso en el castillo de wily, no siempre se va a jugar todo de una sola partida. Del doblaje y las cinematicas pues sería repetir lo que todos han dicho. En cuanto a la tienda, me parece bonito que se puedan comprar mejoras para el buster, así como otras cosas que ayudan en los niveles. Lo molesto es que los tornillos son limitados, por lo que se tiene que escoger bien las mejoras que uno necesite.
Ya para concluir con esta biblia, megaman 8 no es mal juego. Es ese típico experimento que suele ocurrir con las secuelas, agregar cosas interesantes pero que al final no son muy bien aplicadas, por esa misma razón empeoro cosas que el 7 había hecho bien. Lo recomiendo, si, pero la paciencia necesaria para completarlo es suprema.
It's not really easy to talk about this game. But I'll do my best. I appreciate the new visual style, it gives it a new look, even if not many agree. The level design of the first 4 robots is quite good (and takes the concept of dividing the levels into 2 parts, already seen before in x4), but in the next 4, I don't know, I feel it gets worse. Where this is most noticeable is at the astro man level, honestly a labyrinth level does not fit in the style of a megaman, which only consists of running and killing enemies.
Of course, it is appreciated that they have tried new things, such as new mechanics, more extensive levels, more useful powers, among others. And I think it's crap that it doesn't let you save progress in Wily's castle, you're not always going to play everything in one game. From the dubbing and the cinematics, it would be repeating what everyone has said. As for the store, I think it's nice that you can buy improvements for the buster, as well as other things that help in the levels. The annoying thing is that the screws are limited, so you have to choose the improvements you need carefully.
To conclude with this bible, megaman 8 is not a bad game. It is that typical experiment that usually happens with sequels, adding interesting things but in the end they are not very well applied, for that same reason 8 worsened things that 7 had done well. I recommend it, yes, but the patience needed to complete it is too much.

One of the first games I got for PS1. Colorful and cool.

Perfect for a 1st time Mega Man player. (It was mine) I remember most of the bosses and the music from the levels. Wish Treble and Bass were a bigger part of the story but oh well. Was my favorite MM game until I experienced X earlier this year.

Looks good and feels bad. Megaman (whose name I will NOT separate) feels like he's underwater at all times. Snowboarding sections mysteriously ignore the player's inputs on a regular basis and though the art is pretty it's overindulged with many instances where there's just too much crap onscreen. Not one of the stronger games, which is a shame because the cutscenes are hilarious and I like looking at the whole thing.