Mega Man Zero 2

released on May 02, 2003

In Zero's next mission, he falls prey to a trap set by Neo Arcadia's ruthless commander. Planning to trick Zero, he tries to use him to wreak chaos between reploids and humans once again. But, can he succeed?

LAN Multiplayer.

If you have two cartridges and a link cable, the players can link two GBAs and take part in a two-player game. There are three modes available to take part in:
- Time Attack - Set a goal somewhere in the stage. After three tries, the player with the shortest time to the goal wins.
- Enemy Battle - Defeat the most enemies from the generator within the time limit.
- Get Item.
- Collect the most items from the map within the time limit.

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The best way I can describe Megaman Zero 2 in comparison to the first game is that it basically kicks this shit into overdrive. Z2 manages to fix a good number of issues I had with the prior game, and as a result I'm happy to say it's better than it.

Zero 2 is insanely difficult; the level design in this game can be brutal, but it's incredibly satisfying to overcome when done right. Although there are still some stinkers, it's overall an improvement over the first game. I see myself using the other weapons in my arsenal far more than I did in Zero 1; shit dude, it even got me to use the Shield Boomerang. This game also does away with the weird and unnecessarily tedious continues system from the first game in favor of the traditional Megaman continue system, which is a very good thing.

Zero 2 is also noticeably jacks up the presentation; whereas Zero 1 felt more relaxed and somber, Zero 2 pumps shit up and is way more action-packed. The music also kicks major ass; whereas I thought Zero 1's soundtrack was alright but kind of forgettable, Zero 2's soundtrack goes hard and a ton of tracks stuck with me.

Not to say Zero 2 is perfect; I do miss the Triple Rod and found it more fun to use than the Chain Rod, some levels really, really blow and feel more frustrating than anything, such as the airship stage where you're fucked over by the GBA screen size and strict timing with the electric switches. The bosses in this one are also unfortunately worse than in the first game. I do like a good few of them but some of them are kind of lame and not hard to take down at all. Especially the final boss, it's unfortunately way too easy.

Regardless, I really like Zero 2. These games seem to be getting better, and I'm super excited to see what Zero 3 has up its sleeve, especially considering its reputation.

honestly has one of the coolest opening sequences i've ever seen in a game

Um bom sucessor, mas falha em alguns quesitos.

This game really defined me. My connection with it is probably one of the deepest I have with any game, let alone the MM series.

I got a pirated copy when I was 8, and fatally, it couldn't save a damn thing. The solution? Playing and playing til I was good enough to beat it in one sitting. Lemme tell you, that sort of stuff really does something to you at such an age. I barely even knew english back then; I could hardly follow the plot, but even still, nothing could or has been able to compare to what I felt when I got to the last stage for the first time and heard the incredible music.

It's unbelievably corny for me to say this, but I think Zero 2 really taught me what it meant to persevere against all odds.

A serious step up from the original Zero title in every way, from level design to bosses. A few annoying quirks persist, but don't detract too much from what's ultimately a solid 2D platformer.