Mega Man Zero 3

released on Apr 23, 2004

It's the third chapter in the Mega Man Zero action adventure series for the Game Boy Advance. Featuring a new customization system, you can now equip Zero, with a combination of chips that will affect both his attributes and abilities, allowing you to adapt him to different challenges. Among his other new skills, Zero will now have weapon called the recoil rod. Now be jumps at double his normal height. These new skills will allow our hero to march into Arcadia to defeat the evil Omega single-handedly... Or will they?

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The Zero series is a constantly raising bar of quality. Pretty much every complaint I had with Z1 and 2 are addressed and then some, making for one of the most fun Mega Man experiences around.

The best of the series Zero 3 kills it in gameplay, graphics, and fun. The story is interesting and has some nice twist for Megaman lore. Zero has loads of new moves and the gameplay feels fast and fluid. The bosses are fun, challenging, and have some great designs. It’s he high point of the series and sets up the next chapter well.

Excellent. I constantly replay this game, love the upgrades, levels feel less bs, fantastic.

It's better in everyway possible than the 2 previous games, it's extremely fun, some maps still don't have the best design and the fov still sucks but they don't interfere with the fun this time, an amazing Mega Man