Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

released on Nov 13, 2001

This third-person stealth action game, sequel to Metal Gear Solid (1998), follows Solid Snake and Otacon through various incidents as they strive to destroy nuclear terror threats around the world. When the president of the United States is captured inside the oil cleanup facility Big Shell, a rookie agent infiltrates the facility while the player is forced to doubt their perception of trust, knowledge and reality.

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when you wait for a twist all game then it turns out the game is actually the twist

The only game I would call art that truly transcends its own medium.

Huge step up from the first game, one of the greatest stories in a game I've ever experienced. Love Raiden too. Has one of the creepiest segments in a non horror game. The pinnacle of the franchise

Whilst I didnt love it as much of the first one, still an enjoyable experience. Had no issues playing as Raiden though i can see why some people might've been annoyed when the game was first released. Much like the first one, i suck ass at actually playing it.

Pratiquement jeu vidéo peuvent faire passer un propos a la fois vaste et complexe de manière aussi compréhensible et touchante
Le vrai diamant de la serie des MGS qui na pas a rougir devant son petit frère

Absolutely incomprehensible story, but you've gotta respect the hustle from Mister Kojima. the protag bait & switch, moment to moment gameplay, and the vibes are immaculate.