Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

released on Nov 17, 2004

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is the prequel to the entire Metal Gear series. Most of the series' defining gameplay elements have been carried over and as before, Snake must use stealth and wits rather than brute force to infiltrate enemy zones and eliminate his major adversaries. Unlike the previous games, this installment takes place in a large outdoor jungle. Snake is able to use camouflage, climb trees, hide in tall grass or wear clothes that make him less noticeable.

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Absolute masterpiece. The only glaring issue is the trailing mission with EVA which was a pain but other than that a game which has stood the test of time

second favorite metal gear solid. great story but it has some slow moments and boring boss fights, and some legendary ones too. 🫡

How do you review an utter masterpiece like this? Like for real.
It's just perfection. MGS 2 is a fantastic game but ruffled a lot of feathers at the time. So this was Kojima "apologizing" for that and making the most bad ass, james bond like Snake game he could.
This game has the greatest video game song ever made IMO, one of the best openings and a heart tugging emotional, amazing conclusion. The story is peak, the characters are fantastic and the boss fights are so so good (on the same level as 1 if not better for best in the entire series).
All of the survival elements are well ahead of their time, well thought out, and done very well.
I don't know man. I could go on and on. This game is a masterpiece though, and one of the greatest games of all time. God bless Hideo Kojima.