Metal Gear Solid

released on Apr 24, 2000
by Konami

Metal Gear Solid is a Game Boy Color spinoff of the popular stealth action game Metal Gear Solid. This is not a port of said game but an original game made specifically for the Game Boy Color. Metal Gear Solid is a non-canon game that serves as an alternate sequel to the events of the original Metal Gear.

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"Sorry, babe, I don't know if this is peak," she says. Sure you don't.

aka Metal Gear: Ghost Babel
This getting branded as "Metal Gear Solid" outside of Japan was a massive disservice, as this is not simply a ported/demake'd MGS1. Sure, it's heavily inspired by MGS1 gameplay-wise, but Ghost Babel is a totally unique and strange alternate-universe sequel to the original Metal Gear. Even more bizarre is how much future games seem to pull directly from Ghost Babel. The narrative is, shockingly, a proto-MGSV in a lot of ways with the subplot of Viper (a venomous snake, if you will) and his crusade of vengeance against FOXHOUND. There's even straight up [REDACTED] in this game, whereas MGSV held back and wouldn't go all the way despite the themes. Some of MGS3's narrative and best moments are taken right out of this game, too. And the post-game special VR missions are just straight up Raiden's VR training alluded to in MGS2, that's not even up for debate - the missions are literally conducted by one of the Patriot AIs! It's impressive how overlooked Ghost Babel is in the Metal Gear series history given all that.
Overall, this is a delightful experience: the visuals are oozing with charm (that codec screen is just eye candy to me), and the gameplay is that classic Metal Gear 2 top-down goodness. It's retro in all the right ways if you ask me, and it doesn't overstay its welcome. Metal Gear fans owe it to themselves to check this one out - just play it with save states to bypass some of the frustrating padding introduced in the last few levels.

defintely exists. too many conveyor belts with color coded boxes, that puzzle was kinda lame. It is cool that they made one more 8-bit metal gear game, since this plays a lot more like the MSX games than anything else. Has its own unique plot which despite being non-canon is pretty fun to experience. If you liked the 8-bit metal gears on the MSX then deffo check this one out, otherwise its pretty optional. Still cool that it exists though!

No se como la gente puede decir que es una joya al nivel de la saga principal.
En el aparto visual es realmente impresionante para una GBC,pero su música se escucha no muy bien en muchas pistas,no es hasta las ultimas que mejora de golpe por alguna razón.
El juego llega ser muy críptico muchas veces,especialmente en partes donde no puedes ver toda la zona.
La historia si esta bien, aunque es poco probable que vayas a recordar la mayoría de cosas, especialmente por como esta contada y tampoco te vas a encariñar con ningún personaje.
En este juego apenas y use el codec,lo que demuestra lo poco interesante que eran.
El estar en portátil le juega un poco en contra cuando a controles se refiere, especialmente al cambiar de armas y objetos, se tarda mucho y es algo molesto.
Las peleas de jefes están bien, aunque la primera es muy plana.
La segunda es la única que no me gusto.
Solo lo recomiendo si planeas jugar con guía porque como las zonas son relativamente grandes, terminas por no encontrar lo que necesitas.
Otra cosa es que por alguna razón sin importar que, el rango que me salieron fue siempre terrible salvo en las dos ultimas misiones, donde me dieron pobre, o este juego era muy exigente o yo era muy malo, pero ni se porque tuve mejor rango en las ultimas dos, siendo que en esas me fue peor que en el resto diría yo.

Pra um jogo de gameboy, é outro patamar.