Midnight Fight Express

released on Aug 23, 2022

Fight your way across the city in a brutal romp that mixes old school brawlers and fast-paced motion-captured combat. You’re Babyface, a former member of the criminal underworld lured back into “the life” by a mysterious AI drone. Your mission against impossible odds: Fight your way across the city before sunrise, and prevent a citywide criminal takeover together.

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Stylish, challenging, frustrating beat 'em up with an isometric Diablo camera perspective and a twin stick control scheme.
About 30 levels in, Midnight Fight Express has quite the fun, yet flawed gameplay. You can attack, grab enemies, parry/block, dodge roll, use and throw guns/weapons (speaking of weapons, these are scattered just about everywhere for your disposal).
40 Levels exist, taking anywhere from 2-5 or so minutes. Score is based off of several performance factors. Completing levels rewards money, which can be used to buy in-game items to customize and outfit your character, and even buy enemy/boss skins to further set the appearance of your character. A skill and upgrade tree also exists for further developing attack, defense, grab and other combat abilities. Upgrades and skills are quite basic and don't go as deep as other 3D beat 'em ups or hack-n-slash games. I'd even go as far to say the most of the skills lacked impact or any real advantage over the few that really mattered. For an indie title, customization is quite deep with a fair amount of options.
Since the game is played in an isometric 3D format, there is more freedom on movement instead of just walking left to right. But levels are linear for the most part. Secrets and unlockables can be found in levels as well. Combat is fun if quite simplistic, but can become quite challenging and even a bit button mashy as levels progress. A lot of dodge rolling and parrying is involved, especially in middle and later levels where some cheap difficulty spikes occur. You'll be swarmed by enemies, some of which have weapons and attacks capable of either taking chunks of your health or one-hit-killing you, making sections require you to die an annoying amount of deaths before you get lucky enough to pass them. In this case, the game at several points ends up revolving around luck rather than your skill. This was all under my Normal mode difficulty playthrough, which is the default and easiest difficulty in the game. A few extra settings do exist to somewhat remedy this issue like setting your health higher and decreasing enemy aggressiveness, but it doesn't necessarily make the experience noticeably easier.
Achievements also exist, which is a very welcome addition for the Switch version seeing that most Switch games are void of achievements. With a statistics page, a best score/rank/time challenge for every level and different optional objectives per level (albeit difficult objectives), replayability and challenge is definitely there in Midnight Fight Express.
Graphics and Audio look and sound just fine. Visuals have a clean HD, 3D polygon style (like a PS1 or N64 game with full blown remade textures) and the music has an EDM techno, dubstep rock sound going on while bashing thugs up and down the various levels. No multiplayer or co-op is present. The only multiplayer aspect available are leaderboards for chasing after high scores. A training mode also exists to practice your skills against enemies with a decent amount of options available. Very smooth gameplay in handheld mode on Switch, with very few framerate drops at small instances.
Midnight Fight Express has the DNA and design of a well designed, creative 3D beat 'em up. However, the difficulty spikes that frequently pop up quite early in the game dragged down the enjoyment I had with this one. Have read that a patch has been deployed for the Steam version that has not made it's way to consoles yet. Unscored for now, but maybe when the patch released on Switch and I finish the final 10 levels, final thoughts may change.

An isometric Beat’em Up similar to a certain Dark Knight.
Midnight Fight Express’s combat system starts recognizable. It’s a modified version of the Batman Arkham City combat, Beat up enemies, Parry attacks, Dodge unblockable moves, and in that it works. Players will be able to steal weapons away and beat enemies to a pulp, and there’s a variety of different locations and enemy types.
The downside is while the combat can be deeper, it’s mostly parry and dodge focus. Levels are short, which lets you see different locales but never has too much depth to that location. While there’s a lot to the combat, after you get a decent way, it’s all the same with too much focus on reacting to enemies.
Pick this up if you like beat-'em-ups. Honestly, I almost wrote this game off, but I found out this was created by a single developer, though I also would say that doesn’t change the game and the game is compared to other 20-dollar titles. The biggest problem is the game is often very similar, but still, an incredible amount of effort along with a deep combat system that deserves praise
If you want to see more from me: Check out my video on this last month of Game Pass games: https://youtu.be/5_7MTcN1-Ac

final estragou o jogo completamente

Dipping out on this for now because the combat is very problematic and weird to control. Game absolutely nails so much with the feel of combat and a very strong structure to encourage high score chasing, but the actual encounters really struggle and I found myself more annoyed than engaged. Hoping to see some patches clear things up in the future

Un beat 'em up estupendo que, si bien no brilla en el departamento narrativo, sí cumple en variedad de niveles, situaciones, armas y enemigos.
El combate es sencillo pero funciona muy bien y puede hacerse todo lo profundo que quieras acumulando habilidades. Es satisfactorio de jugar y da para momentos muy chulos una vez le pillas el punto.
Tiene algunos picos de dificultad muy raros con enemigos dificilísimos o situaciones que requieren precisión casi milimétrica para salir airoso, pero en general no es particularmente difícil.
Tiene un montón de contenido desbloqueable y otro montón de objetivos opcionales que, si bien son quizá demasiado exigentes en algunos casos, dan un nivel más de rejugabilidad y desafío a gente que quiera profundizar más en él.
Para estar hecho por solo una persona es estupendo, aunque se le vean las costuras en muchos aspectos.
A fantastic beat 'em up that, even though it doesn't shine on the narrative department, does make up for it with level, situation, weapon and enemy variety.
The combat itself is simple but works really well and it can be as deep as you want it to by stacking abilities. It's satisfying to play and can create some really cool moments once you get the hang of it.
It has some very odd difficulty spikes with really hard enemies or situations that require almost milimetrical precision to beat, but it's not particularly hard most of the time.
It has a ton of unlockable content and another ton of optional objectives that, while they can be a bit too demanding in some cases, add an extra layer of replayability and challenge for people who want to dig deeper into it.
For a game made by just one person, it's outstanding, even though you can tell where he cut some corners in many places.

Buen beat em up con variedad de combate y situaciones que peca un poco de ser el típico indie con historia "Medio parodia medio no petada de referencias" que hace que no vaya mucho más allá de lo que la idea ofrece.