Mile High Taxi

released on Mar 13, 2023

Deliver Zany Passengers While Dodging Mile-High Skyscrapers & Blabbermouth Pedestrians.

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It REALLY pains me to say this but I really dont like Mile High Taxi at all.... I think the loop of crazy taxi formula is still there! They achieved that, and the concept is really cool.. flying a futuristic taxi to pick people up sounds like a movie concept thatd be conceived back in the 90s or something
But thats as far as it goes for me, the playable drivers you have absolutely pale to any of the charm the dipshits you play as in crazy taxi have. HELL, they even made them have like alt skins that change up their palettes and skin colors which honestly just gives me more of a feeling like theyre blank slate avatars rather than ppl with a side gig trying to make ends meet for the summer or something
This Also unfortunately extends to the design of.. well.. everything for me :(
I think the design of the map is nice it just also feels like EVERYTHING is boxed in even though it's open
And youd think youd get like maybe a sick twirl in the air or maybe a dope boost button thing to take better advantage of being able to move up and down and not just on a flat surface but honestly i dont even think that wouldve saved it for me, I genuinely just wasnt vibing with the presentation, the crazy taxi formula feels like its Almost there but the controls and the dimensions you navigate are so much different that its not hitting the same adrenaline or tension for me
You also dont really seem to even get bonus fare for dodging shit in this game, which is fine because youre gonna be bumping into shit a lot in this anyways. And I see what they were going for with the music but I feel like the two tracks that normally play are so vastly diff in vibe
final thoughts:
I think at the end of the day the most disappointing thing I can say about the game is that even if this was it's own thing that came out and crazy taxi didnt exist for me to have chaffing feelings about, I still would have a lot of the same criticisms but appreciate what it's Trying to be.. I think maybe some patches and QoL adjustments can make it better.. but I don't think ill be around to see it myself. Im very disappointed

I mean it's hard to go wrong with the Crazy Taxi formula, but at the same time it kinda just doesn't do anything that made Crazy Taxi so good. A forgettable map with barely any landmarks, no tricks or maneuvers, and boring characters are just a few issues I had with this game. It's pretty much just a really cool concept for a Crazy Taxi game made by an amateur low budget developer. I would normally be hesitant to trash on a game if the devs were at least good people, but every bit of promotional material for this game seems really suspicious with a lot of it just not looking like the final product at all.

The fastest I've ever felt motion sick in any game, VR or otherwise