Million Onion Hotel

released on Nov 01, 2017

"Million Onion Hotel is an action puzzle packed with a lot of elements!! A mysterious world of crazy sound and unique pixel arts and animations!"

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Is this game perfect? No. Is it an especially deep game? Not at all. But was it some of the best fun I have ever had a on a mobile device? Absolutely.
Onion games as a developer is one of my personal favorites. Made up of former love de lic developers, famous for games such as Moon Remix RPG as well as some of the lead devlepoers of Super Mario RPG, they went full inide.
This is so far one of my personal Favorite Endeavors for how off the walls bonkers it is, and just a really fun time overall.

Superficially a dopamine-pipeline tappy timewaster, but on a deeper level it... still is that but done by Yoshiro Kimura!
It's got the humor, the style, the whimsy, all the elements that make his projects something special. Don't sleep on this game on account of the slimness of its design and content, it punches well above its weight.

Por um momento eu vislumbrei a matriz, e eram apenas cebolas. Acho que um vídeo de mim jogando esse jogo seria evidência o suficiente pra me colocar num hospital psiquiátrico.

SEVEN ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ STAR GAME
she would watch me play this game on my phone, and think to herself, “what a goofy happy goofball you are! when no one else is around, you’re even more childish than me—and I’m a floating disembodied bighead baby with antlers who needs help with my homework. Actually…you are childish around other people, but without the idiotic excitement this game brings out of you.”

どうして! こういう終末な感じのゲームばっかり作ってしまうの!!

Whereas Moon: Remix RPG Adventure seemed content to "deconstruct" its genre by boring you to tears (that's why that game makes people cry, right?), Million Onion Hotel understands that the best way to skewer something is to amp up its fun and tear up its rulebook, revealing that the emperor had no clothes on the whole time. Play this in public if you dare...