Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine

released on Apr 24, 2013

Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine (or simply Monaco') is a video game made by indie developers at Pocketwatch Games. They are best known for winning the 2010 IGF Award in 2010 for their work on Monaco. The game was released for Windows on April 24, 2013, via Steam, and will be released for the Mac and XBLA platforms in 2013.

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Can't really explain this one. The loose story and the really fun co-op make this like, a must play

I know you're reading this, Michelle.

I will be old one day. Maybe I will have played games all my life, maybe I will one day give them up to go start a family or become The Unabomber 2 or something. No matter the path to the precipice of percievable life, when someone asks me what my favorite ending to a video game is I will remember the first time I arrived at the conclusion of Monaco and smile. One of two nearly perfect games about stealing things in 2013.

trilha maravilhosa, multiplayer divertido demais. single player não funciona tão bem