Monsters, Inc.

released on Mar 19, 2002

Boo has returned to Monstropolis and it is your job as Sulley (or Sulley and Mike in the GBC version) to get her back home. However, to make things difficult, Randal has destroyed her door.

Avoid Randall and the CDA (Child Detection Agency) as well as other dangers as you try getting Boo home. This platform scroller will have you trying to find out where you have been as you make your way through multiple doorways, up and down ladders, and more. Pick up items along the way as you jump and dodge enemies, use your roar attack, push items, sneak, and more.

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This is possibly one of the single worst platformers I've ever played. Jumping feels miserable and stilted, and it also has some the worst jump height I've seen in a game. Character models and environments are atrociously ugly, and VA is extremely varied in quality, mostly negative. And then there's the camera. This is possibly the worst camera in any game I've ever played, and I truly mean that. The only time I've felt more immediately nautious playing a game was after playing Doom 2016 two weeks after having Covid. Controlling this thing is a nightmare, and it gets clipped on every imaginable surface. This also isn't helped by the inability for the camera to stay at a height that's comfortable for platforming. The only redeeming quality keeping this game from a 1/10 is that the behind the scenes about the movie and the movie clips are very fun and welcome, even if most of it I recognize from Pixar DVD's I had as a kid. If you want to play a Monsters Inc. game, you'll do better just sticking to whenever Monsters Inc. characters appear in Disney crossovers.

Não lembro direito do jogo, mas lembro de ter sido divertido

Not bad, had fun with it when I was like 8. All I remember is being stuck on a few levels and the scare minigames being boring, may need to give it another shot to see if it's actually a good or a bad game.

Nothing special. Enjoyed when little though.