Moon: Remix RPG Adventure

released on Oct 16, 1997

In this "anti-RPG" adventure game notable for parodying and subverting common JRPG conventions, you level up by loving, not fighting. Revive dead animals and bond with everyone around you to obtain the most important thing in the universe — love.

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Simplesmente uma das melhores experiências que já tive com jogos. Um dos jogos mais vivos e calorosos que já joguei

Ah Love-De-Lic, how short lived yet incredibly influential on a whole generation of developers you were.
This game is something truly special and a surreal experience best experienced on your own. The main concept and idea is that a young boy is playing a new RPG all day, but then gets told to get to bed by his mother.
However, when he falls asleep, he wakes up in the World of the RPG he was playing replacing one of the characters. It is an incredibly charming and wonderful little romp, taking no more then 20 hours to beat completely blind. It is well worth a playthrough especially if you have a switch, though I believe a PC port exists as well.
I wont spoil anything else beyond the premise but it is a wonderful time.

there's a lot to talk about regarding moon and i'm typing this at work so i'll just speak about one thing.
despite having to use FAQs to actually finish it, the natural and fairly free progression of the game is extremely smooth. I always had at least one thing I was planning on doing in an area, and I would always encounter a new clue for a new quest while trying to complete the first thing. what's more, it never feels like the world is dispensing characters for you to interact with. it feels random and collaged for sure, but like a living collage.
moon is good yeah it took me long enough to play it

One of the most unique games i've ever played with a lot of back story behind what lead to it's creation and overall message