Morimiya Middle School Shooting

released on Dec 01, 2018

Morimiya Middle School Shooting is a crime thriller game created by eric806359 or kata235.

The player controls a girl that shoots up her school. You start with only two guns a .22 caliber rifle (SR22) and a 9mm automatic pistol (G17), but over time you can collect SP to buy more guns. You can press Shift to run, although that reduces stamina, which causes less precise shots, but can go on sight mode by pressing E, you shoot by pressing Space, walk with the arrow keys, switch guns by pressing Q, reload the guns by pressing R and you can throw pipe bombs by pressing G. During the school shooting, you only have five minutes.

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My old review was too based for this website so all I'm going to say is that not only it's cringe and promotes abhorrent messages catered to incels but it's also a pretty garbage game

GTA but you control a cute anime girl with nihilistic thoughts. I kinda like some edgy stuff if it's in the right dosage so i didn't think it was a bad game.

Ya know, the game could have said something, and it does feel like it's trying to with its almost nihilist protagonist, but it's too much of a 'mini game' game to truly get across any potential ideas it might have.

This is something I would write when I was 9, not waste hours upon hours adapting it into an RPG Maker shitshow.