Mullet Madjack

Mullet Madjack

released on May 15, 2024

Mullet Madjack

released on May 15, 2024

Mullet Madjack is a single-player fast-paced FPS that brings you directly inside a classic anime. Power up your character and reach the last floor; Beat your best time or try again. Haste makes waste… of your enemies!

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Mullet Madjack's been on my wishlist since release, I absolutely loved the way it looked and sounded based off of the 90s anime retrowave aesthetic alone, but seeing how fun the gunplay looked, as well as the silly concept, I was hooked in right off the bat

The aesthetics are something else, that's the first thing I need to make clear right away, this game is GORGEOUS. The vibes are off the charts, the gameplay loop is fun and doesn't get stale fast, it's essentially a rogue-lite FPS, there's a good variety of weapons and upgrades to keep your dopamine receptors happy for a while

And speaking of dopamine receptors, the concept and story of this game is silly and goofy and yet I can't help but find myself loving the absurdity of it, you're basically a streamer in a future ran by robots where humans can't live without constant dopamine so if you don't kill something within 10 seconds of gameplay, the viewers will die and so will you. It's such a dumbass yet genius concept, and a goofy parody of the zoomer brainrot we love to consume every day and what it's doing to us

Truly one of the games of all time

Mullet Madjack no deberia funcionar tan bien como lo hace, es tan endiabladamente rapido y esta todo tan cubierto por 40 capas de estilo ochentero cool que no deberias poder ver que pasa, pero no es así, no se como lo consigue pero en cada uno de los niveles consigues ver donde vas, que esquivar y de donde te esta viniendo ese escopetazo cabron que te esta quitando preciados segundos de vida.

El estilo rezuma por cada poro, el juego sabe perfectamente que tono quiere y lo abraza fortisimo, y si las peleas contra bosses fueran un pelin mejores, estariamos ante algo muchisimo mejor, pero aun asi, uno de los recomendados del año de larguisimo.

Very solid, fast paced fun.
A bunch of substance with a lot of style and tons of character. Quite reminiscent of Post Void in its basic gameplay but with much more content. Game doesn't overstay it's welcome and isn't extremely replayable. The only big difference inbetween runs being your weapon of choice. But it was quite fun for the 3 runs it took me to get all achievements.
I also am in love with the company streamer girl.

would make for a good double feature with Stand Up Solutions

I downloaded the demo for this game and bought it right after I finished the demo. I didn't stop playing until I finished the campaign. Do I regret this decision? ABSOLUTELY NOT. It's a short Rogue-Lite/FPS game that's really chaotic and fast, a love letter to every 90's cliché with a sort of "90's anime" style in its art. The mechanics are super fun. Normally, I hate time-based levels or games that make you race against the clock, but in Mullet Madjack, it feels so fast and frenetic that the stress is different, filled with adrenaline on every level. Once you get the hang of it and try the weapon upgrades, you won't want to stop playing. The end of the Campaign/Transition to endless mode is pure gold, a lot of funny moments through the game and the endless mode suits it perfectly as is a game that You can easily come back to and do a couple of runs. I would definitely keep playing this from time to time. I suggest at least giving the Demo a try.