released on Jul 19, 2022

MultiVersus is a platform fighter that lets you team up with or against your friends using some of the world’s most iconic characters including Batman, Shaggy, Superman, Bugs Bunny & more. Use unique co-op abilities, find your favorite fighter combos and save the Multiverse!

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Of all the platform fighters, this is one of them.

Bueno solo pq Smash no esta en pc

colorful baby game but not made for baby made for adult gamer
- forced to make some shitty account before you can even play the game
- battle pass shitcoins and skins
- doesn't actually play very well
- heavy reliance on crossovers, including crossovers of real people
- uses outdated reddit memes
🥱not my kind of game... i'll stick with fall guys methinks...

I'm basically only playing this because I have a crush on Wonder Woman.