NoReason's Speedmaps 3

released on Nov 13, 2021

Even more speedmaps, slaughter

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this noreason fellow is an interesting character. in comparison to his more crafted and measured works like death in excess or disparate realities, nosp3 is an effigy of slaughter & megaWAD motifs with scribbled Crayola crayon marks and protruding nails. here lies 32 1000+ monster count maps where the bestiaries of valiant, eviternity, scythe 2, and probably some other shit all mix together with some of the most excess combat you can design while being boom-compatible. 'fuck it, we gotta fuse now' is the siren's call: not only is the bestiary getting an exponential increase but so are your ammo limits (200 rockets and 440 energy cells that double with a backpack, can i get a hell yea), your health totals (megasphere brings you to 400% health and 400% armor, 100 dollars on the chain n its not no game), and your weaponry (Plasma Rifle + RL + BFG are often your first 3 pickups, and occasionally an infinite ammo RL with cave's auto fire enabled...i see the opps outside less go catch em 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️). ion think a doom wad has felt like this much of a bootleg since the original chillax, so that noreason is able to craft something mostly coherent out of the 100 different cogs at work? very impressive sir very impressive. i say mostly coherent though because the core combat here is actually being sprite-to-sprite in a monster horde with BFG in tow n holding onto mouse 1 for dear life, until you hit the next megasphere or energy cell pack, then skirting around the edges of the crowd to hit the next objective point. i have and will make a lot of hyperboles bout slaughter but this is the most salmon-swimming-upstream, Ys-bump-combat, kusoge-idea-kamige-execution headass game i played this year, even as i write this 7 months out of my completion. prime example of what im talking bout is map 23, you don't even gotta fight a whole lot in this one the finale is just to light the infighting dynamite and hope you don't die when the hordes start self-combusting. made me feel like riley with the steel chair effect. map pack is low down n dirty but ingenious; i didn't even mention the fact that there's cacodmeon variant here that shoots cyber rockets, but the only visual difference is that its a slightly brighter sprite than the regular one. like what is blud even cooking up in this wad 😭😭😭. crusty & rusty ass game get a tetanus shot after every play session.