Olympia Soirée

released on Mar 07, 2021

Her entire clan wiped out years ago, Olympia has been isolated for much of her life. Now she must travel to Tenguu Island – the only person who can perform a ritual that will restore the sun to a land enveloped in darkness. The heads of each district there (Red, Blue, Yellow) lead a society governed by rigid class structures.

Able to travel between the districts, Olympia discovers their wonders and weaknesses. She also finds an entire underground group of shunned “colorless” individuals who she becomes determined to help. If she can find a mate who will help her continue her lineage and save the world before it is destroyed, she will reveal to that special someone her heart and her true name.

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Speaking as someone who is not cishet, the male and female soulmates + reproduction premise is more funny or eyeroll-inducing than romantic to me, but I generally enjoyed this game. It was visually and aurally gorgeous from start to finish, with one of the most believable transitions from portraits to CGs I’ve seen in a VN. Often character portraits are intricate and on point anatomy-wise while CGs are less quality, but Olympia Soirée does not cut corners anywhere. And boy, are those character designs fancy.
The romances can be nice and sometimes spicy; the M rating is earned, both for the implied sex scenes and the darker themes present. This is a game you’ll want a certain tolerance level for, and I’ll list content warnings at the very bottom of this review in case you wish to go in blind. Tokisada and Akaza have the most believable romances in my opinion, having a good focus on developing their early feelings, but others have disagreed and that’s fair.
The protagonist has a strong characterization and gets a small portrait to display her expressions throughout the game, which is really nice. It goes a long way toward letting her be her own person, considering she doesn’t have voice acting. The game doesn’t shy away from acknowledging her sexual desires either, refreshing in a niche where the male love interests are usually the only ones who get that.
I also like that this has a canon route instead of a Grand Ending, and one that doesn't try to suddenly fix everyone else's problems in an unnatural way.
My criticisms are:
- How generally weak the gender commentary is (men are Men and women are Women. Basically different species with different places in life. They are soulmates tho❤︎), and lack of acknowledgment of non-cishet attractions in a world where love in general is so often criminalized.
- Bad ends generally rely on getting a certain number of wrong choices instead of a clear single branch, making it tedious to gather more than one ending per character. There is no Skip To Choice option.
- How often certain lines are flashbacked to leads me to believe this game is meant to be played over a year or more. Sometimes the same line is flashbacked to ten lines later. As Douma once said (and was repeated one hundred times), “Uugh…!”
- How skin color is addressed is a little weird.
- The short stories section is good for filling out details that either were not in the game or might have slipped your mind, and generally it’s fine to read them as they are unlocked. However, do not read Kanan’s Memoirs until you’ve completed all routes if you want some reveals to be total surprises. If you don’t mind big hints, go ahead! I’m not your parent.
In conclusion, pretty :)! and sometimes pretty stupid :)!
Content Warnings (if I forgot one, leave a comment!): rape, dubious consent, sexual coercion, drugging, forced impregnation, incest, CSA, kidnapping and confinement, violent misogyny (including murder), suicide, classism-based bigotry, body horror

This review contains spoilers

- art is pretty
- va is awesome
- i actually managed to finish it
- akaza
- mind-numbingly boring despite being full of all kinds of tension. how did they do it
- ok i know otome games are inherently heterosexual so i tend to turn to just letting it slide but by god is this (cis)heterosexual i don't know how many times they repeat the whole "long ago humans were one soul.. until they split into man and woman.." thing as well as the whole You Must Find A Mate to Breed thing. oh my god. Oh wow
- i loved kuroba but he was saddled with quite possibly one of the worst routes i've played like ever that wasn't straight up offensive
- felt like more of a timekiller to me than an actual game to enjoy
- a frankly offensive amount of flashbacks that i cannot rationalize as anything other than some ppl on the team trying to set this game up for failure because what the hell
- not enough camellia
- i'm usually good at turning my brain off when it comes to plot holes or bad deus ex machina moves but holy god. not this time around, clearly

my favourite part was when douma said 'Uugh...!'

Really loved it, aside from the frequent flashbacks and the absolutely cursed bad ends

Good romance bad lore kinda borderline racism.

Was it cringe? Yes.
Did I sink hours into this game, playing it every day for a month to unlock all the endings and pretty CGs? I certainly did.😌💖