Panzer Dragoon Orta

released on Dec 19, 2002

The fourth installment of the Panzer Dragoon series has you playing Orta, a young girl who has been imprisoned by the Empire. Under a wave of attack, the prison camp is broken through by a mysterious dragon, and Orta takes it upon herself to ride the dragon, and destroy the Empire once and for all. Along the way, she will also discover her own destiny, and the mystery surrounding her new friend.

Simply put, you have limited control of the dragon for most of the game, as your trigger finger will be shooting non-stop at the enemies that fly around the area. Orta will be your main source of fire-power when you simply press the fire button, but by pressing and holding, the aim cursor will change, allowing you to fire a burst of power from the dragon at whatever the cursor aims at.

The dragon itself can change into three forms at a press of a button. Each form has a different style of attack and power ability.

A port of the original Panzer Dragoon is included.

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No momento consegui só terminar o primeiro level por causa da emulação/meu pc ruim.
Ainda pretendo jogar ate o fim algum dia o/

The best rail shooter of all time.

the narrative is about as good as that of the anime (not good whatsoever) but who cares the environmental storytelling here is top-notch and the level design is utterly insane

Beautiful game and would probably warrant a higher rating were I a fan of rail shooters.

Too bad this series is as good as dead. It has one of the most unique visual and world designs I've seen in a video game, and would love to see it on modern hardware.