Peach's Fury

released on Feb 05, 2022

A mod for Super Mario 64

Peach's Fury is a Super Mario 64 ROM hack by Kaze Emanuar inspired by the game Bowser's Fury. It consists of a small map full of small challenges that grant Power Stars that Mario has to use to pay back his debt to Peach.

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now THIS is impressive! This runs on a completely custom engine that not only can support much larger levels than the original game, but also runs it incredibly efficiently on real hardware, with the game always running smoothly. The game is more like a tech demo/showcase than an actual game, with only one level with 25 stars to collect, but it's absolutely worth giving a shot. If the technology and ideas of this hack get put into a fully fleshed out romhack that would be absolutely incredible.

Kaze never misses. In addition to this being the most technologically advanced hack to date, its just a real good short hack on its own. Amazing work.

Banger ROM hack. Best one I have played for Mario 64. Its really fun to speedrun too.