Persona 5 Royal

released on Oct 31, 2019

An enhanced version of Persona 5 with some new characters and a third semester added to the game. Released Internationally in 2020.

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Good game, suffers from some moderate story issues but it's so stylish and vibrant that I can't help but love it. Great cast of characters, gameplay is brilliant and Maruki is a wonderful addition.

This review contains spoilers

Vanilla P5 was the first Persona game I ever saw, and that introduced me to this series. Persona 5 has a lot of the same cringy flaws that Golden has, especially with the dialogue, but the Royal story is some of the best content the series has had to offer since Innocent Sin.

Fairly overrated with a fairly annoying cast minus like Ryuji. Still definitely has its charms though, however if you want an RPG with a really good plot just play Xenoblade

Good if its your first time playing Persona 5 but it is NOT worth its pricetag.

This game was fun until it overstayed it's welcome like 5 times! I don't like any of the characters (except Yusuke) that much and I didn't like the story that much. The combat is pretty good but I'm gambling this shit away at my blackjack group istg