released on Aug 08, 2019

Challenge your deductive skills by helping our two young heroes on their quest to bring the legendary paintings of Pictoria back!

Look carefully at the numbers on the edges of the grid to stop the sneaky wizard Moonface...

- Face plenty of grids and discover some beautifully animated enemies and artefacts!

- Fight baddies (even bosses!) on the way. Be smart or you could be the target of a critical hit!

- Having some issues with a specific puzzle? Head to the shop and spend some gold on powerful magic items.

- Try to reach the end of the world map, one puzzle at a time. You'll find villagers giving you special missions, too!

PictoQuest is an addictive game for everyone, come save the realm of Pictoria!

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Juego de Picross con "toques RPG", lo que básicamente significa que tiene items para hacer más fácil el juego (totalmente evitables) y los enemigos te atacan de vez en cuando. Los puzzles son normalitos y muchas veces he perdido más por ansia que porque el puzzle fuera difícil (el máximo tamaño es 20x20, que es más o menos el tercio final del juego). Cumple para lo que es, un juego mientras oyes algo de fondo.

Recommended for people that are not too used to solving pictograms since the items make the levels way easier. All levels can be solved without using any items if you want to make the experience harder for yourself.
Levels felt way too easy for someone that has quite a lot of experience with pictograms/nonograms, so if you're looking for a challenging experience, this is not your game.

I don't know... is a picross game like other picross games, but with some mechanics that I feel that don't work. Is cute, but not really interesting.

This is just a really standard picross game that advertises itself as innovative but it's just fine. Good podcast game but was expecting much more.

All puzzles completed. PictoQuest is a decently entertaining picross game, probably a little on the easier end of the scale. The RPG theme promises quite a lot, but ultimately adds little to the game - I didn't find it necessary to make use of the available items at any point, especially as they'd only have served to make the puzzles easier - which is somewhat contrary to the point of solving them! Ultimately, it's still picross so if you enjoy this type of puzzle you'll have a good time with this, but, while some competitor games innovate with multiple colours, multi-part puzzles or other variants, PictoQuest doesn't really push the genre in any significant way.

Did you know: Picross is actually the name of a trademarked series! That never stops anyone from putting "picross game" in their description, though. But technically, games of this sort should be called "nonograms".
Anyway, PictoQuest is a somewhat standard nonogram game with a fantasy aesthetic. What sets it apart are its RPG-like features. Many stages of the game are played against typical RPG monsters like slimes, fire creatures, trolls, and the like. Solving a full line of the puzzle will cause them to lose health; likewise, taking too long to solve a line will result in them attacking you. Various items are available to restore health, reveal hints, solve squares, and slow down enemy attacks.
Unfortunately, the very thing that makes this game unique also serves as its main drawback. The battle elements are fun at first, but quickly become a frustrating nuisance that can distract you from the puzzles. These sorts of games are usually designed to be solved at one's own pace, not at the mercy of an arbitrary health bar. And if you do happen to run out of health during a puzzle, you have to start the entire thing over with no progress saved. Imagine having 90% of a puzzle done, making one mistake, and having to re-complete the entire thing.
The translation on this game is pretty bad, too. It almost feels machine translated. This is an E rated game, but one of the enemies says "damn" at one point, and another one says "cloaca". I am not kidding.
The art style is alright, I guess. That's really the only thing I can say in its favor that I can't say about any other nonogram or Picross game. If you're really desperate for a puzzle game and you have two bucks to spend on a Switch sale, this is one of the options you have.