released on Jan 24, 2019

Pikuniku is an absurdly wonderful puzzle-exploration game that takes place in a strange but playful world where not everything is as happy as it seems. Help peculiar characters overcome struggles, uncover a deep state conspiracy, and start a fun little revolution in this delightful dystopian adventure!

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Small throwback to those slice of life small games like Chulip, about the journey not the end. I'd say it loses its strenght when you have to do these linear puzzle/action sections where the small interactions you have with the world and charaters are way more well realized.

silly lil red man unravels a deep state conspiracy

esto le pasó el otro dia a mi colega

This review contains spoilers

A scathing critique of capitalism. Political and economic philosophy changed fundamentally when this masterful work of societal self reflection was presented to the masses.
However, I must deduct points because my final game score was only 2.6, and I'm not sure if that is a good or bad score, but it seems pretty bad.

short and sweet. real unique stuff

Un adorable plataformas sobre irse de picnic con los panas de la Resistencia mientras derrotas al capitalismo a patadas.