Platform Racing 2

released on May 02, 2008

Platform Racing 2 is a 2008 online multiplayer racing Flash game that was developed by Jacob Grahn.

The game went on to become his most successful project, receiving over 33 million plays on Kongregate alone and becoming one of the most popular independent online Flash games of all time when it was released, having 2 thousand people online simultaneously at its peak.

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You know this game is good because they had to discontinue Platform Racing 3 since people just kept playing this one.

It was decent but I really liked PR3 more, shame it's been forgotten.
Wonder if my levels are still uploaded on a server somewhere. They're shit but they're made with love.

PR2 was the place to be in 2008, 2009, 2010. Seriously, this game at its height was frequently peaking 2000 or more players, it wasn't uncommon that you would have to sit at the login screen spamming the shit out of it, hoping someone logged off one of the servers at the same time you were hoping to log in.
All other Platform Racing games failed. Why? Platform Racing 1: bad netcode, too primitive. Platform Racing 3: website exclusivity (on a flash game, lol), bad netcode. This leaves Platform Racing 2 in a sweet spot. People would play this shit endlessly, you could not escape the existence of this game on Kongregate. It deserved it, really. The crown jewel, though? Including a level editor. It was a well of endless content. People would make competitive maps, troll maps, casual silly maps, narrative maps (with VERY good art), it was an expressive tool way beyond what I imagine Jiggmin thought people use it for. And it was awesome. And I miss it.
Kongregate shut down most of its forums last year, and almost every chatroom was killed at the same time. Its golden era is long over, and it is fading from relevancy, only existing as a corporate shell of itself. One day it will be gone, just like one day the guy maintaining the remaining server(s) for PR2 will be gone, and all that we'll have left is our memories. It's sad, but they were good times. I miss you.

Lo único que recuerdo es que nos peleábamos por los gorritos y que había musicote.

I think a guy tricked me into putting a keylogger on my computer

i was a world class PR2 champion