Platformer Toolkit

released on Jun 17, 2022

Platformer Toolkit is an interactive video essay, from the creator of Game Maker’s Toolkit.

You’ll get to see, first hand, how platformer characters are designed, as you use the toolkit to change and adjust over 30 variables that drive the hero’s movement.

Change Kit’s max speed, jump height, squash and stretch, coyote time, and more - and then play through a sample level with your chosen stats.

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Pretty interesting idea! Would be nice to see more interactive game design "essays" like this.
Well, to be honest, I was already fine with default controls. I've played plenty of shitty 8-bits platformers with worse controls and had fun mastering them.
It's also kinda backwards to have to change the character to fit the level design instead of the reverse... But yeah, it's about game character control, not level design.

Pela proposta de ser mais um brinquedo pra entender tudo que envolve a programação básica de um platformer, funciona muito bem e com o charme dos vídeos do GMTK. (e eu percebi que não sei se quero fazer um platformer tão cedo)

creating an abomination and insult to God in videogame form has never been this easy!
I really recommend everyone, who enjoys game design I suppose, to play this 10-15 minute long game. This is a brilliant piece of gamified education. A playful peek behind the design curtains and efforts of designing a 2D platformer character, without diving too deep into the technical merits of one.
I know people have "varying opinions" on Mark Brown and GMTK, but I definitely am happy to see him manage to use the knowledge gained from his Developing Series and turn it into something educational and really exciting like this!