Pocky & Rocky

released on Dec 22, 1992

Pocky was enjoying a quiet cup of tea in her shrine, when Rocky the Raccoon, a Nopino goblin came running to Pocky.

"Something terrible has happened. My fellow Nopino goblins have lost their minds. When I woke up, they were very agitated. When I tried to calm them, they came after me."


"I don't know, but I believe that they are under the spell of another force.... In any case, I can not handle this by myself. I need your help."

Who on earth has cast the spell and are controlling the Nopino goblins? And what for? Find out as Pocky and Rocky battle the Goblins in this epic adventure from Natsume.

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Top down shooter, great for co-op!

A charming and cute top down shooter.
Graphics are colourful and the track is ok.
Gets quite challenging later on, but at least you have unlimited continues and playing it with someone else can be quite fun.

Very cute game, reminds me of Touhou which is always nice. Not as good as Natsume's other output on the SNES but a very solid time nonetheless. Seems like it would be better with a friend, though.
There's an issue I have with the weapons system, though. There are two types that gradually upgrade as you pick them up more, but should you grab the weapon you're not using, you'll be reverted to its base level and have to upgrade that one all over again. If you do this and then go back to the previous one, it will also be back at base level. It's really annoying because you're definitely going to want whatever you have to be maxed out as often as possible, and I found myself sticking to one weapon because of this when I would've preferred to switch around now and then.
No other major complaints really, except the final boss has a pretty loathsome lightning attack that you have to slide around constantly to just narrowly avoid. That one could just be me being bad at games, however. All in all, this is quite nice. I'd definitely recommend Wild Guns or Ninja Warriors first, though.

Cute! I like Pocky and Rocky! Woooo!

Just about as delightful a cute-em-up as I’ve played on the SNES. Co-op really seals the deal.

A game that is hard as nails but very addicting. A simple formula and premise with charming graphics, music and level design. A game that stands out for all of the right reasons.