Pokémon Wilds

released on Oct 29, 2021

Pokemon Wilds (or PokeWilds) is a fan made Pokémon Gen 2 game/engine built using libGDX. It uses procedural generation to create large worlds with different biomes, each with their own unique monsters. The levels of wild monsters increase the further you explore, meaning that some biomes with rare mons are difficult to get to. Your monsters can help you explore the world by usual means (cut, fly, surf etc.) but there are also be new HMs that allow you to interact with the world in new ways, like building structures/houses, jumping up ledges, starting fires, and more.

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idea fantastica, probabilmente uno dei giochi che più continuerò a giocare durante l'anno. Attualmente metto 3.5, ci ho già giocato una decina d'ore, ma se dovessi scoprire altre idee piacevoli non mi farei problemi a dare di più.

Muito diver o Pokémon Minecraft. O que foi feito é bem feito, porém ainda em desenvolvimento mas o que temos já é muito bom.

bit of a hard rate since it's still in development and is pretty light on content atm, but honestly i think the amount of love poured into this by both the dev and the community gives this an extra half star. hyped to see more stuff out of pokewilds in the future!

This is the sandbox game i always wanted as a child. All it need is to add a multiplayer system and an achievements system because it runs out of things to do too fast. Looking foward to future updates.

The community has been super awesome to interact with and the game is the culmination of dozens upon dozens of artists' time and effort. The retro art style and custom sprites make it very fun to play. Looking forward to future updates. :]