Pong is a tennis game with simple two-dimensional graphics. It is one of the earliest arcade video games and the first sports arcade video game.

In Pong a ping-pong battle takes place in which a player attempts to defeat their opponent by scoring more points. It was originally manufactured by Atari Incorporated in 1972 and created by Allan Alcorn as an exercise of programming skill. Although other arcade games were manufactured before Pong, it was the first to reach a large audience. Pong was the first commercially successful arcade video gaming machine, which helped create the video game industry alongside the release of world’s first home console, Magnavox Odyssey.

Soon many businesses started to copy the gameplay used in Pong for their own games and as a result, Atari encouraged its staff to produce more innovative games. The company released multiple sequels with original features added to the familiar gameplay. In 1975 Atari released Pong exclusively in Sears retail outlets as a home version. It was the commercial success Atari had hoped for and led to a series of sold copies. It has been remade for multiple platforms following its release during the years. A number of television programs have parodied Pong and it has often been referenced in other video games. Pong has also been a part of many video game and cultural exhibitions.

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The retro game of them all. No frills. No extras. It's as basic as plain brown bread, but for sure it laid the foundations for future video games to come.

doesnt even have a proper story
gameplay is lacking
where are the graphics? everything is oversimplified for no reason
0 replayability

Let's Be Honest Who in Their Damn Mind Says : "Pong Is a Masterpiece🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓"