released on Jan 17, 2001

Progear is an arcade video game developed by CAVE and published by Capcom on the CPS-2 arcade system board in 2001. This was Cave's only horizontal scrolling shooter until Deathsmiles in 2007. The game features a steampunk-like style and art design. This game is the second of two CAVE shoot 'em ups to be released in America with the third CAVE NTSC-U/C release being Princess Debut, and in limited print; and as a result, the US version is somewhat rare.

Sometime in the past, the people of the country of Parts had found a way to become immortal, but only with elderly nobles. Five of these elders—Ballossum Pench, Gabriel Hammer, Jimchuck Spanner, Olsorro Slasher, and Leonard Drill—obtained immortality, and became known as the Motoruin sages. Eventually, they attempted to take over the Parts kingdom and start a new world order, collapsing the government and destroying parts of the country in the process. As their plans unfold, five children of one of these villages decide to battle the Motoruin using another new invention: the semi-automatic propelling engine, known as "Progear".

At the start of the game, the player is given a choice between two pilots/planes and three gunners, which determines the effectiveness of their respective modes. Each character's costume can be changed by holding the start button at the selection screen.

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Few things feel better than weaving your way through enemy bullets, tapping the shoot button to clear the screen of enemies so they turn into jewels, then holding down and releasing the shoot button just a second later to pull them all in. Still super bad at these games, but they’re such a blast. $2 on modern platforms in the Capcom Arcade collection, you will not beat this bargain.

They shoulda called THIS game Geometry Wars!! (what with the geometric patterns of bullets and the Great War aesthetic…)
ANYWAY, hell of a bullet hell here. I like my shooters like I like my women: horizontal!
…I’ll see myself out…

Beautiful game. Really great bullet hell.

If these kids are pros what have I been doing with my life?

Peak bullet hell. I love this game so damn much. Words can not describe how FUN this game is. It encourages you to go for big scores. Nothing feels better than destroying a wave of enemies and seeing jewels fly everywhere. It's just a beautiful game that pushes the CPS-2 to the max.