Project: Eden's Garden

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Project: Eden's Garden is a non-profit Danganronpa fangame. Taking the formula of the murder-mystery video game and applying it to an entirely new world, with new characters and stories to tell, this is a small project that is dedicated to recreating the magic the works that inspired it.

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prologue was okay... this tells danganronpa in every corner

When this game is released, I will erect a shrine in Jett Dawson's name and pray to it before every play session.

The demo was definitely interesting. Excited to see what they do with this

At the time of writing this, I've only played the prologue. You can taste the passion and love for Danganronpa in this fan game. From the visuals to the music to the character design, this is as faithful to the original.
Unfortunately the prologue didn't grab me the way that the series that inspired it. Most frustratingly is the class trials. For whatever reason the characters logic, dialog pacing, disagreements didn't feel like characters in their own right but they kind of descend to being silhouettes of what DR characters ought.
Maybe this was just a no-win scenario whenever it comes to making such an ambitious project.
Its impressive how much effort and success the team behind the project had in their vision.
Despite my gripes, I'm still excited for the full release and I remain impressed by what the product looks like. Its a testament to the passion of the devs that I believe they can only improve from here and somehow (hopefully) go beyond just a fangame in Danganronpa's shadows and become a great game that stands on its own.

Apesar de ainda estar em desenvolvimento, edens garden prova apenas em seu prólogo que é um jogo promissor, e um excelente fan game, trazendo temas que não vimos em Danganronpa, como no final, onde o protagonista é enxergado como o vilão da história, apenas por discorda da maioria.