A Psychic Odyssey Through the Minds of Misfits, Monsters, and Madmen. This classic action/adventure platformer from acclaimed developers Double Fine Productions follows the story of a young psychic named Razputin.

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This would make for a banger Cartoon Network show, and not just because it feels like a mix of Billy and Mandy, Camp Lazlo, and Kids Next Door

The only reason I have an overall positive opinion on this game is because of the world, characters, and the art. I really like the world of Psychonauts. All that said, I did not particularly enjoy a lot of my time with the game mainly because of the platforming. The game peaks with levels like The Milkman Conspiracy that doesn't rely on platforming, and is at its lowest point with something like The Meat Circus which is a nightmare level from hell.

This game was so ahead of its time. Holds up incredibly well.

7 jogo de 2023, PUTA JOGO, ja vou dizendo que foi provavelmente o melhor jogo de plataforma que ja joguei na vida, um dos (se não o mais) jogos mais criativos que ja joguei na vida, a gameplay é ok mas o grande destaque do jogo sem duvida é o level design e o humor do jogo, não tem uma fase desse jogo que não seja criativa, divertida e diferente, sempre tem algo novo, alguma mecanica, algum poder, tanto faz, puta jogo bom demais, bem quanto ao resto eu acho que ele faz muito bem no que se propõe, ele que tem uma intenção mais visual não narrativa, por isso eu relevo o fato da história ser um filme clichê jornada do heroi da disney, mas enfim joguem.

This game was such a joy to play, and considering I first played it in 2022, that opinion can't be accused of being driven by nostalgia bias.
The premise for the plot is original and the characters are likeable with considerable depth. I really felt myself rooting for Raz throughout. Each level is so ridiculously creative and unique, with significantly more hits than misses.
I really enjoyed hunting high and low for collectables in the camp hub world, the asylum hub not so much due to it's less-open design. Each power up made me reimagine how I approached exploring, however there were a couple that remained good as forgotten when I was finished with them in a specific task.
This game ticked a lot of boxes for me as a fan of platformers, collect-a-thons and colourful characters. I can't wait until the sequel becomes a lot cheaper so I can play that too.