Radiant Silvergun

released on May 28, 1998

Unlike in most other shoot 'em ups, there are no power-ups. All weapons are available from the start. Weapons can 'level up', however, becoming more powerful as the player uses them to score points. There are a selection of 7 weapons that can be used at any given time:

The game is designed so that there is almost always a 'right' weapon for any situation. The bosses in the game are designed so that they have multiple 'sections' which, if all destroyed before the 'core' of the boss, will award the players with point bonuses. Being able to apply the right weapons on any different boss is key to obtaining these bonuses. For example, a boss may have two sections located on either side of the screen. You could immediately go up to one and begin shooting it with a vulcan, or you could hover in the centre and hit both at the same time with the side bombs. This would increase your chance of obtaining the bonus before the time limit runs out and the boss self-destructs.

The game rewards players for "chaining" enemies of just one of three colors, red, blue, or yellow. Whenever the player kills three enemies that are of the same color, who can obtain a points bonus. This also facilitates faster upgrading of weapons.

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What's most impressive about Treasure's games is how they marry spectacle with variety. Their games are comprised of front-to-back exceptional set pieces that end as quickly as they appear, being replaced by a moment even flashier than the last. A Treasure game never content to say in one place too long.
This is absolutely the case of Radiant Silvergun, whose huge bosses are rendered in such painstaking detail and scale, buttressing each stage with an encounter as tense as the ride to it. More manageable than Ikaruga but challenging no doubt, I really enjoyed my two days grinding story mode. The approach to difficulty here, allowing you to accumulate both power and knowledge between attempts, helps to stem the frustration of being forced to complete the campaign with no continues. Having now done it, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Uma história incrivel de como os seres humanos irão sempre lutar para um futuro melhor e pelo o que eles acreditam mesmo apesar do fato de que talvez seja impossível, uma mensagem otimista que diz que apesar de todo sofrimento que passaremos nas nossas vidas, o resultado final sempre valerá a pena. Esse conflito se reflete no criador do jogo, Hiroshi Iuchi, que mesmo apesar da dificuldade que ele passou na criação desse jogo, vista nesse entrevista:
Ele ainda lutou para a criação desse jogo pelo motivo de que ele acredita que a mídia dos vídeo games está num ciclo de destruição contínua de si mesmo, se transformando em "cultura descartável", Radiant Silvergun funciona como uma mensagem a todos criadores de jogos e jogadores para preservar o valor artistíco dessa mídia.

vou voltar a jogar quando lançar o port

Radiant Silvergun es una experiencia tan única que ha resonado conmigo de una forma en la que muy pocos juegos lo han hecho, palabras me faltan para expresar lo mucho que amo este título.
Legítimamente una de las experiencias más originales que ofrece el medio del videojuego, un juego que aprovecha al máximo su propia simpleza para ofrecer un reto sin igual, en el cual gracias a su mecánica de 7 armas, da consigo un sinfín de difurcaciones a la manera de afrontar los desafíos que el juego presenta, haciendo que el jugador experimente con las diferentes armas y combinaciones, dando posibilidades infinitas a como se juega el juego; podría hablar mas a fondo de sus aspectos jugables tan únicos, pero la verdad, siento que todo esto se aprecía mucho mejor jugándolo uno mismo.
Un juego que definitivamente recomiendo ya no solo a entusiastas de los shoot em' ups, sino a cualquiera que guste del medio en general, una obra que desborda pasión en todos aspectos como muy pocos lo han hecho, un título difícil de replicar y que vale la pena vivir, un juego del cual estoy completamente agradecido de haber podido experimentar.
There is life everywhere...

The best shmup I've played so far.
Loved progression, amazing music, incredibly varied arsenal and combat encounters. I adored the setting and well fitting anime aesthetic.
Biggest issue I have with it is that sometimes enemy patterns can get hard to read thanks to backgrounds, but it happens rarely.