Razor Freestyle Scooter

released on Dec 11, 2000

Razor Freestyle Scooter is an extreme-sports style action game modeled around small, nimble scooters. In contrast to most games of this type, there is a story. A crazed giant robot has kidnapped your skating buddies. By completing skating challenges at the robot's sky fortress, you must rescue your friends. You skate around 3 large areas and attempt to perform wild tricks, collect scooter wheels and earn bonus time. By completing an objective on all 3 areas, you unlock a sky fortress level in which you can rescue a new skater to control.

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Kid friendly Tony Hawk with a very...strange system for its combos and terrible collision/physics for air tricks. Has a playable Sock Monkey though, that counts for something.
Also you can 100% this in a single sitting in a couple hours if you're mega bored.

I have decided.
This is the worst piece of shit game I have played in my entire life. Garbage controls, horrible music, and barely functional levels add up to a horribly unforgettable experience.