Resident Evil

released on Mar 22, 1996

Resident Evil is a survival horror classic in which a group of special forces agents, known as S.T.A.R.S, struggle against hordes of zombies and various other mutants in a mysterious mansion as they try to uncover the truth behind the terrifying infection. The gameplay environment consists of polygonal 3D characters placed over pre-rendered 2D backgrounds. As such, the game relies on pre-determined camera angles for a view of the action instead of a real-time camera like most games. The game is credited for coining the phrase "survival horror" and popularizing the genre.

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This game made me into a Jill sandwich.

the original. the classic. la première.
not bad, a lot of content for a first entry and doesn’t overcomplicate things. a fun little story told through gameplay, cgi cutscenes, and live action elements. this one feels otherworldly in a way, with a top 3 soundtrack and a great atmosphere.

A Origem do mal..
O Primeiro Resident Evil foi um marco sem limites pra época, sua existência e influência marcou toda a indústria dos vídeos games e é reconhecido até hoje como um dos melhores jogos da história.

Da trilogia seus controles é o mais complicado, são tanques mesmos, mas por que é o primeiro seria polido nos próximos

When I first started getting into the Resident Evil games, the original RE1 is an entry I initially skipped after hearing how apparently dated it is and how the remake makes it obsolete. But, after playing RE5's Lost in Nightmares chapter, I was itching for more classic RE action, so I finally checked it out and I had a great time with it.
RE1 is a game I just couldn't stop playing (and that goes for RE2 and 3 aswell) due to the amount of decision-making that is constantly present. From deciding which weapon to carry, to what enemies are worth killing to how many healing items you should have with you, you constantly have to think about your actions and it makes for a game that's really engaging. Ink Ribbons are an especially awesome mechanic and as time goes on, and we take saving for granted more and more, I think it only makes the fact that RE essentially weaponizes saves into being another source of tension for the player more effective with time.
I like the premise too, it's very classic horror and the focus on comradery across both campaigns is neat, but any immersion one could have in the plot is nuked by the completely directionless voice-acting. It's awful, but it's hilarious too and charming in how much of a sign of the times it is.
The game is far from perfect. I'm disappointed by the way it's structured because exploring the mansion and slowly getting to grips with its layout was really enjoyable, but after you get the 4 crests the game opts for more isolated areas like the Guardhouse or the Lab which aren't nearly as fun to explore. Another issue for me would be the Hunters, if there's two of them they often can combo you to death which is infuriating when it happens and after their introduction, they make the subsequent zombie encounters feel pretty redundant. My last issue would be the bossfights, they're just really boring, design wise (big snake, big plant and big spider whoa) and gameplay wise. They have like 1 attack each and are only there to drain you of resources which regular enemies already do so the boss encounters just feel really unnecessary.
So yeah the game has flaws, and I wouldn't consider it to be very scary either, but I still enjoyed it a lot and I appreciate it for being one of the pioneers of the survival horror genre.