Return of the Obra Dinn

released on Oct 18, 2018

In this 1-bit first-person mystery game, a merchant ship called the Obra Dinn has appeared at a London harbor, years after being declared lost at sea. As an insurance adjuster, the player must examine the ship for clues.

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Great experience, super compelling, was taking it in bite-sized chunks till I got to the point where I had seen all of the chapters, then stayed up till 5AM piecing everything together from that point. That said, wasn't quite as blown away as everyone seemed to be when this came out, I feel like the concept could have been pushed farther, wish there was a bit bigger of a revelation saved for the end, and I find the interaction between mechanics and thematics held back a bit in the same way I did for Papers Please, I could see a version of this where you never get confirmation on what you have gotten right or wrong, and I think it would be stronger, if less fun to play.

This review contains spoilers

Played this game for 7 hours straight and didn't regret it. I only wish I didn't cave and google the last guys because I didn't see the god damn number tags on the hammocks.

A masterpiece. Played with my wife over christmas break and we couldn’t put it down. I remember at the beginning it’s not to hard and then about half way through the list we had gotten every easy name and then the game opened up. Every other name after that was a beautiful logic puzzle. Almost like sudoku the pieces slide into place beautifully.

Þessi er svo nálægt því að vera fullkominn en síðustu hlutar leiksins eru bara ekki alveg nógu satisfying. Mér fannst ég þurfa að giska alltof oft í endanum, það er auðvitað einhver leið til að finna nákvæmlega hverjir allir eru en mér finnst það vera aðeins og flókið og létt að missa af. En ef Lucas Pope lærir af þessum leik þá gæti næsti verið algjört meistaraverk

i always wanted to buy this game ever since I heard it was released because the concept and ideas were really cool and interesting; it didn't disappoint me when i played it. a very fun and enticing mystery game that makes it one of those actual "true detective" game in my eyes. the mystery surrounding the obra dinn as you solve who each of the crew was, how they died tragically, and what cause this to happened drew me in. i also praise it for rarely giving out obvious hints to the player. not only have to use the process of elimination, but a little logic based on memories of the ship, dialogue, the glossary, and looks. i may had problems with the visuals as they can sometimes be hard to tell what's going on to effectively tell who killed who, but it was fine. also, the artstyle of this game is absolutely fantastic--by far a gorgeous-looking game. I wish I could wipe my memory to replay this game.