Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure

released on Oct 18, 2019

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Ring Fit Adventure

released on Oct 18, 2019

In this fitness-focused title, you'll be moving the ring and a leg strap -- both of which house a Switch Joy-Con -- to move your character through a fantasy world.

At certain intervals, you'll be thrown into battles. These so-called "fit battles" play out like a traditional turn-based RPG. All of your attacks are triggered by completing a specific pose or stretch, with four attack types that target different parts of your body

The world will be broken up into courses that, upon completion, reward you with experience points. Levelling up will increase your character's base stats and slowly unlock new skills that can be utilised in battle.

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We love a gimmick controller but dear god I wish I could turn off the calorie counter. Tons of fun till I get hit in the face with stuff that triggers disordered eating.

This dang fitness game is way better than it has any right to be...
After 6 months of playing it, I finally finished my first playthrough of Adventure Mode yesterday. 65+ hours of in-game time which equates to about 30 hours of fitness time since the clock only runs while you're moving. Stop running to take a drink, clock stops. Stop mid-set, clock stops. A full hour-long workout would usually equate to about 30ish minutes of "fitness time".
I would usually play about 3-4 days a week on average. Sometimes I'd slack for a couple weeks. Sometimes my sessions were only 20 minutes.
My wife and I are both typically not very motivated to work out, but this got both of us to finally make a better habit of it.

This game somehow manages to balance interesting, simple JRPG mechanics with various fitness activities that actually give you a good workout and will leave you sore the next day if you overdo it.
There's a leveling system, skill tree, gear with perks, consumables to make. There's more to this game than I ever thought there would be.

Even though I'm done with the main "story", I'm excited to dive back in to finish up side quests, complete my catalog, and keep working out.
I still have a couple more side quests to clean up before moving on to New Game+ and then eventually New Game++.

There's also Quick Play and Custom modes so you can create your own workouts if you don't feel like spending the time doing Adventure Mode.
So, if you want to just do an arms workout for 20 minutes, you can do that. If you want to just run for 30 minutes, you can do that too.
I've already sold 4 other friends on this game and they're all now happily hooked on it.

Made me question reality.

also my ringcon smells like ass

This thing is legit hard as hell lmao. I also really like the erotic buff dragon in the wrestling singlet.