Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

released on May 30, 2017

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is a sequel to the stand-alone expansion pack to Rising Storm and focuses on the Vietnam War.

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Both Rising Storm 2 and Red Orchestra 2 spoiled my former love for the Battlefield franchise (unless we count Forgotten Hope 2).
Rising Storm 2 really stroke a good balance between Mil-Sim and arcadey style team-based FPS.
The asymmetry between the US/ANZAC/ARVN forces and the NLF/PAVN is fun as heck and pretty balanced imo, except, of course pre-1975 Battle of Saigon in campaign mode, iykyk.

Absolutely glorious Vietnam-War Multiplayer game. The WAR gamemode which lets you fight over all of vietnam, piece by piece through different regions is one of the things, Multiplayer, and games in general should do way more often. Great Vibes. 4/5

Games fun but it can feel a bit too realistic at times.

I have about 500 hours on this one on Steam. Currently realizing I've never written a review or talked about it in my nearly 6 years of playing it.
This is THE best "realistic shooter" ever. And it is because it hits that perfect amount of arcadey fun and grounded realism.
The gunplay is pure sex, seriously some of the most satisfying shit ever. To see a man running like 100 meters away and just dinking that fucker in the head is pure unfiltered dopamine.
The classes, the customization, the voice acting, the maps, the teamplay, the different factions, the VOIP, the community mods. It is simply just the best.
Seriously, the maps are some of my favorite ever. I recently took a trip to Vietnam, and I was amazed at how some maps were modeled 1x1 with real life.
Insurgency, Squad, Hell Let Loose, etc. does not even come CLOSE to the amount of fun this game brings. Those games focus too hard on realism or too hard on arcadey nonsense, Rising Storm 2 is the perfect medium.
As it is 5-6 years old, player counts are lowering, if you haven't played this game yet, times running out and you'll miss out.
Through my 500 something hours I've gotten my fill and I'm satisfied, though I always play some matches here and there, as nothing scratches that itch quite like Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

better than bfv will ever be
for real MEN to channel their inner captain willard