released on Aug 11, 2022

Rumbleverse is a brand new, free-to-play, 40-person Brawler Royale where anyone can be a champion.

In February 2023, Epic games announced that it was shutting down all support and servers for Rumbleverse. This took effect as of 28th February 2023.

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Is sad to see an actual good and creative online game die, rest in peace Rumbleverse

I didn't really spend much time on this game at all, i probably only played it for like 4 hours in total, but those 4 hours i spent playing and fighting in a chaotic mess of a city alongside a good friend of mine were some of the most fun i've had with a battle royale game ever. I'm sad to see this game go so soon and hope that Iron Galaxy Studios manages to bring it (or at least the concept) back in some way shape or form in the future.

A fun little game that has unique gameplay.

RIP. Taken too soon. A genuinely inventive battle royale that was simple to play, yet hid masterful maneuvers.

Super fun twist on the battle royale. The seemingly simple gameplay gets deeper the more you experiment with it and just wrestling in massive maps just feels really cool.
Such a shame it's going to be gone after this month, I hope they do what Knockout City is doing and let fans keep the game alive.

This game stole my life for a while but then I fell off after everyone got good lol