Saints Row

released on Aug 29, 2006

Saints Row takes place in the fictional city of Stilwater, where the main character is involved in a conflict between four rival gangs. Despite the protagonist's attempts to remain uninvolved, you are drawn into the conflict and become a member of the Third Street Saints. As the game progresses, you go to war with Los Carnales, the Westside Rollers, and the Vice Kings, gaining status within the gang and taking over the city in the process.

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Saints Row was a GTA clone on a platform that didn't currently have a GTA game. This isn't a new or original take, it's just a cold hard fact.
That being said, it's a very good GTA clone that more or less succeeds at everything it tries to do, and whether intentionally or not managed to launch a franchise that would not only match, but occasionally surpass the series it was trying to copy.

the sequel is slightly better. the controls are weird.

pretty funny game and a lot more fun to actually control compared to the other open world games of the time but it's stanky and mission structures can be ass

Basically just a GTA clone, still pretty good tho with its unique characters. However, the SECOND ONE? Ohohoho...the second one is among the best games ever made.

Nice to see Claude Speed from GTA 3 helping out the 3rd Street Saints gang.
One of the few games I had on Xbox 360 and was pretty fun with all the customizations. Although lacking in character creation and tattoos, I've never seen a game being able to hold so many cars in a garage.