Shenmue II

released on Sep 06, 2001

Yu Suzuki's cinematic masterpiece returns with more spellbinding adventure and an even more immersive world. The epic continues as Ryo Hazuki arrives in Hong Kong on his quest to avenge his father's murder by the warlord Lan Di and unravel the mystery of the Phoenix mirror. Set in Hong Kong, Kowloon, and Guilin, you'll travel through breathtaking scenery, rich with mountainous wilderness, traditional Taoist temples, and stunning tropical landscapes. As you move through massive, highly-detailed 3D worlds, you'll interact with almost every facet of your environment as well as a whole new cast of characters.

Originally released on Dreamcast in Europe and Japan, this Xbox edition marks the sequel's debut in the US and includes the Shenmue Movie chronicling the first episode in the series.

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Takes everything that the first game did and runs to the moon with them. Instead of being in a small and comfy japanese harbor town, you start in a huge and confusing hong kong. The game feels more gamey as QoL enhancements like having automatic waiting for certain events are implemented. The plot goes through multiple chapters rather than just being one big prologue like the first game, and the second and third acts are fantastic. Banger video game that really shows the scale and ambition of the shenmue series moreso than the first.

A Masterpiece from a forgotten era, a sequel that not only built upon what made the first games narrative, world & characters so compelling, but small quality of life improvements in the games structure & gameplay make it a superior sequel with lofty grand ambitions and goals for this Dreamcast/Xbox gem. The infamous ending for this game that is often joked about now is what makes Shenmue's short lived time as a series so incredibly impactful, influential, beautiful & tragic.

Even a slightly bit better than the first game. Really liked the chinese city but I was sad, that they still speak japanese which was quite odd in terms of immersion. The game was in general bigger by a huge amount and I was sometimes a bit lost since I'm not used to older (old) games. I really enjoyed it anyways and it was quite a letdown that the third installment was rather disappointing.

a lot bigger than the first game, and as a result a lot less comfy and small-feeling. but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

2001. An unforgettable year. In 2001 we were blessed with three magical events: Two of which being Shrek and...
It was a great privilege to play the original Shenmue, and I am pleased to inform any and all reading this review, that its successor is even better.