released on Oct 27, 2022

Signalis is a classic survival horror experience with a unique aesthetic, full of melancholic mystery. Investigate a dark secret, solve puzzles, fight off nightmarish creatures and navigate dystopian, surreal retrotech worlds as Elster, a technician Replika searching for her lost dreams.

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Signalis was a game I really wanted to try out based on user reviews and the idea that it mimicked the classic survival horror atmosphere of the PS1. In playing Signalis I struggled to find what everyone else sees in it.
Graphically Sinalis is very unapealling if im being frank. The whole color pallete is pretty monotone and a lot of the backgrounds and characters models are way too dark to really make out anything. I know they were going more for a minamalistic approach but I think it hinders it more than it helps it. Most of the zombie enemies just look like brown blobs without any defining features. It doesn't help that it feels zoomed out as well. Still if your a fan of visuals that can't quite make out what it is and that's univerving to you than maybe Signalis is the game for you, me it annoyed me.
Gameplay is it's strongest point, at least at first. I think the game does pretty well at feeling like a open exploration world that focuses on limited resourses and limited item management. Exploring and figuring out what item goes where and solving pretty fairly balanced puzzels does scratch that survival horror itch. The map system is also really useful and works well with open exploration and helping the player remember or find where key items can go. The first third of the game I think does this rather well and the middle section starts cracking and has some really obnoxious backtracking, backtracking that is worse than the average survival horror. Then the last third of the game thought it was a good idea to just delete the map feature and have all the enviroments look the same. Hope you rememer how to get back to that item box or save point. When it comes to the enemies they are flat out terrible. They hardly respond at all and when they do they are just mindless drones. Yes i get they are zombies but there is barely anythreat. Walking doesn't even trigger them, even when your in their direct line of sight. You have to be stand directly in front of them for them to notice you. Hell most times they will just be annoyingly sitting in front of a door you need to get through and won't move at all. It's really dumb too cause most of my damage was not from the enemey hitting me but it was just me touching the enemy. You take damage just by touching enemies. Not a fan of that.
The story of Signalis was completly uncomprehensible to me. I really tried to follow it but it's presented in such a minamalistic but schizophrenic way that I struggled to care by the last third trying to figure it all out. There are barely any characters or cutscenes to begin with and the erratic nature of loose notes and complex terms became grating to keep up with. Worst of all I feel like the game just ends out of nowhere. Maybe I got a bad end but it was extremely unsatisfying. I don't think Signalis is as deep, provoking or a good survival horror game as its reputation lets on.

It's has a great unique style but the aiming is so annoying also the puzzles are somewhat repetitive

It's a good game.
The only problems I found are:
- broken aiming keeps switching targets and sometimes doesn't lock at all
- Kolibri rooms with tank controls (radio control with d-pad makes you swap control scheme)
- broken geometry and weird door hitboxes (sometimes you can enter the door 10 steps away, but other times you have to perfectly hug the wall in a room full of enemies)

It's funny, I unconsciously avoided much of this game with the prospect that I would play it for myself at some point. I knew going in blind would be ideal for this sort of game, and thankfully I did. For context, I've become more acquainted and fond of the survival horror genre over the past two years. I love to revel in the masterful atmospheres and core gameplay of series' like Silent Hill or Resident Evil, but also found a lot to love in smaller horror indie titles. The genre as a whole is just so cool to me, and this game is no exception.
All of that somewhat meaningless backstory is important for me, especially when talking about a game like Signalis, as it blends every avenue of survival horror with insane, INSANE talent. Seriously, the developers of this game made something so special and meaningful, massive kudos to them, I really can't believe this is a real game. Similar to Hypnospace, I feel every single ounce of love and passion that was put into this game. It's truly impressive honestly.
Lemme just say, if you're familiar with and or enjoy survival horror, play this game. It has everything a die-hard fan of the genre would love and appreciate, with much, much more. The art style especially is unbelievable, every single frame, cutscene, and animation is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. It balances so well with the tense and decision-heavy gameplay, both of which are excellent. Limiting the inventory to 6 (yes including some annoying backtracking) makes items and deadly decisions feel meaningful and real. As a whole the gameplay is super well done, but for me what nails it are the visuals. The environments and puzzles are all amazing to explore, even if some of the puzzles can be a bit cryptic (imo). The world is so detailed and intricate to the point that you'll become so engaged in the maze-like labyrinths of the ship and beyond. It's all classic, well-crafted survival horror that takes from its influences in a way that feels new and fresh. So many games now take influence from the classics of survival horror, but this is certainly the best example of that. As a love letter to the genre, it really is something immensely special, and I love it very much.
I won't say too much about the story (as this is already far too long) but what I will say is that its very, very melancholic nature ties it all together for me. As confusing as it is, I still felt so many emotions through the cutscenes, they're unlike anything I've seen in a game before. And while I and most may have trouble understanding what's happening, there's no doubt that each scene is incredibly effective in garnering emotion. It's quite sad and especially tragic, which ultimately works in the game's favor.
I beat this game about a week ago now, and it still hasn't left my mind. I'm currently going back on the hardest difficulty to get all the achievements (something I rarely do in most games) because it's just that damn good. Play this one, it's unforgettable.

A fantastic game that by all accounts shouldn’t even be playable, much less this enjoyable. Signalis is an exercise in player torment. Every system is as cumbersome as possible. Movement is lethargic, aiming is clunky, ammo, health and save points are scarce and your inventory space is microscopic. It’s a game built around going in and out of doors and half of them are locked and the other half are difficult to even enter because you get caught on the surrounding geometry more often than not. It’s a mechanically hostile experience. And it’s fucking brilliant. In the absence of convenience emerges this incredible element of strategy. Every step I had to ask myself “If I get into combat will it be worth the resource cost?”, “If I try to run past enemies, am I just going to get myself hurt?”, “If I do get hurt, is it worth sparing the health pickup?” “Do I even have enough health pickups on me?”, “Was it smart to pack the flashlight or should I have risked leaving it behind?”, “Can I spare the inventory space to pick up this ammo?”, “How far is the next save room?”, and of course, “What in God’s name could be waiting for me around the corner?” Point blank: I’ve never played a game that forced me to engage with it in the way this one did. Signalis is 75% friction mechanics and 25% the coolest fucking art direction you’ve ever seen. Most people are probably going to hate it for that. Honestly, I don’t even know if I’d classify most of my playthrough as “fun” per se and there are certainly things about it I dislike (as much as I love the systemic jank, the puzzles are way too fucking obtuse for my tastes). But holy shit dude what a bold, confident and just visceral artistic statement this is. Nothing but respect.