SNK 40th Anniversary Collection

released on Nov 13, 2018

"The SNK 40th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION includes classic titles such as Alpha Mission, Athena, Crystalis, Ikari Warriors, Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road, Ikari Warriors III: The Rescue, Guerilla War, P.O.W., Prehistoric Isle, Psycho Soldier, Street Smart, TNK III, and Vanguard - with more titles to be announced! Get the complete experience by playing both the arcade and home console versions on many of these titles!"

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A great collection of SNK arcade games and the inclusion of console versions of the games adds so much extra content to an already great package. This is the definitive SNK compiliation.

Really good collection of SNK's pre-Neo Geo games, with tons of new accessibility options that make the games easier to play, and better-than-MAME emulation at that! Also includes a smorgasbord of historical content, that makes this collection worth getting on it's own. This is absolutely how you do a collection of obscure games. Take some fucking notes, Taito, as much as I love you guys too.
Though my only real "issue" with it, is that the PC version doesn't support mouse control for the sole lightgun game on here, Beast Busters. But it's admittedly a minor wart on a great package, otherwise.

Very cool and lovingly made, too bad it is about a collection of games that no one cares about :P

Every SNK game that used the rotatory stick has been given then dual stick treatment and as such they've become the definitive version to play these. Having played them in the past, I can assure you that not even emulation can give you what's presented here.
The rest of the games play as they should, there's a decent ammount of extra materials, and there's even the console version of the games that have them.
One of the best compilations in recent years.

There's some cool games in here and the extra historical goodies included are very nice. Recommended if you're at all interested in obscure 80s games.

A really well presented and interesting collection of games that tend to get overlooked. I'm not the biggest fan of a lot of these games, but I can still appreciate having them all in this collection and the collection itself being so well made. I've always enjoyed stuff like the Namco Museum games, and it's always a good thing when companies do more stuff like that. Lot's of good supplementary content and background for each game and bonus features that are all interesting for anyone interested in retro gaming.