Sonic Colors

released on Nov 11, 2010

Sonic Colors, titled Sonic Colours in European and Australian markets, is a platforming game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega in 2010. The game was released worldwide for the Wii in November 2010. Another version featuring different gameplay was also released on the Nintendo DS at the same time.

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In my short review of Sonic Robo Blast 2, I mentioned how I didn't really enjoy Sonic that much and how that game was the most fun I had with anything Sonic related.
That has now changed. I played Adventure 2 and enjoyed it decently enough but this game? I had a blast. Not perfect by any means but this has so much of what I want from a platformer. My only big complaints are that the conditions for ranks are kind of stupid (being point-based rather than time-based) and that the wisps, whilst offering more opportunities for replayability, exploration and speed, don't compliment Sonic's movement abilities very well.
But, to Sonic fans: I am sorry. This game is really good. "Sonic was never good" my ass.

theres some weird levels that arent fast at all, but most of the levels are pretty good. i like the aesthetic, the graphics, and the music slaps as always. its super short tho, even for my liking. good game tho. even when the boost trilogy is at its worst, its just meh

I think the writing is actually all right. Not very good, but it could certainly be a lot worse. As for the game itself, it somehow feels both too long and too short at the same time. The Wisps are a neat idea, and they're fairly fun in execution. And the music for Aquarium Park is great. The bosses are kind of aggressively mediocre aside from the last one, though.

Sonic colors is a bit of an odd game. At the time, this was the video game that sonic fans desperately needed after critics slammed unleashed and Black Knight, and people seemed to be pretty happy with this one when it came out, myself included. However, I have realized that I don't really come back to this one as often as I do with other sonic games, and I always wondered why that is. The level themes are all very unique, the soundtrack is great, and the gameplay is the boost formula we all know and love, so why is it that this game didn't stick with me the way most other sonic games didn't? I guess while the gameplay is cool, most of the level design revolves around controlling sonic in a 2D space, and I've always been more of a fan of the 3D setpieces sonic runs around instead of the 2D segments in modern sonic levels. That being said, this game is still very solid, so I don't think you should sleep on it especially if you like sonic. Just sits in a very weird personal purgatory of mine.

Eu realmente tentei jogar Sonic Colors, mas as fases ficavam tão repetitivas, com controles estranhos, que não decidi continuar. Faz parte.

Hot take incoming - this game is actually really fun.
Does it offer the same kinds of high speed thrills that other Sonic games around its release were giving out? No, of course not.
But what it does offer is one of the most fun 3D puzzle platformers of its time, with a lot of scenarios and obstacles that feel very Sonic-y, despite the change in direction.
It's a game that isn't afraid of putting you in totally fresh scenarios in every stage rather than stagnating with the same thing over and over again.
It's probably the only 3D Sonic game where I can say I like it in its entirety, which has to account for something.
The music and presentation is phenomenal, it's crazy to see how far Sonic Team was able to push such limited hardware here, especially considering their current output.
Of course it's not without its own issues, the main one being the concept of unlocking Wisps in the first place - who thought it was a good idea to make a game where every level is a sandbox for you to play around with a bunch of power ups and then... just lock away most of the power ups for half the game? This is by far the game's biggest blunder and it's likely why so many have the view of it that they do, you need to go back to every level after aquiring the Wisps in order to see the full potential of the level design.
Luckily it's a pretty short game, it took me around 12 hours to complete everything with an S-Rank and getting every Star Ring.
If you're one of those people that have dismissed this game out of some notion that it "ruined the series" or it's not a real Sonic game then I urge you to give it another chance, it's short enough that it won't steal too much of your time and it might just end up becoming one of your new favorites like it did for me.