Sonic Gems Collection

released on Aug 11, 2005

Sonic Gems Collection is a 2005 compilation of Sega video games, primarily those in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The emulated games span multiple genres and consoles—from the Sega Genesis to the Sega Saturn—and retain the features and errors of their initial releases with minimal edits.

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This is my favorite game of all time (if you count compilation titles as bespoke games but that's a whole separate discussion). Hard to properly describe why, it just resonates with me. I love the strange lineup of obscure sonic games. I love the museum giving an insane amount of sonic art and sonic music to look at and listen to. I love the wonderfully stylish UI and menu design aesthetics both in visuals and music that feel so Y2K-y like a vibing digital futurescape. I've always loved this game, and I think I will continue to do so forever.

You do get Sonic CD which is one of the greatest Sonic games ever made, but is it really worth it anymore? Like Mega Collection, it has a beautiful and nostalgic presentation, but the game variety is waaaaay weaker. CD is great, but that's about it.

A good collection with some iffy games. Sonic CD, Sonic R and Tails adventure make this good while the rest are hit or miss and saying that is extremely generous. Still a good collection though and worth owning.

I like this collection cause it has the games I like :) tho if you don't like CD, Fighters, R, the forgotten Game Gear titles, and Vectorman there isn't anything here for you aside from breaking the time limit on the other Genesis and Game Gear titles and getting the best Sonic collection on the Gamecube or PS2

most of the games on here don't really appeal to me but the inclusion of sonic r and sonic the fighters is very cool! i don't see much need in playing this anymore.

A really bizarre collection that I feel most people only got to play CD pre Whitehead. It's my fourth copy of CD.