Sonic the Hedgehog 2

released on Nov 21, 1992

Dr. Eggman (aka Dr. Robotnik) has returned, turning helpless animals into robots and forcing them to build his ultimate weapon, the Death Egg! But this time, Sonic has a friend that can help him: Tails! Find the 7 Chaos Emeralds and stop Dr. Robotnik’s evil scheme!

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O primeiro grande passo pra uma das melhores franquias do mundo. Pioneiro nas ideias criativas que fazem Sonic ser Sonic, uma demonstração magnífica do potencial da franquia. Um jogo absolutamente legendário.

Primeiro jogo da minha vida. Nota máxima, obra prima da Sega.

It's great, I enjoy almost all of it and I appreciate them making the zones last 2 acts. But god fucking DAMN is Metropolis Zone so fucking annoying to get through.
Skill issue on my part but damn that zone is even more annoying than Labyrinth Zone in Sonic 1, not kidding

Dude it starts out so fucking good- the levels are SO much better, the music is better, Tails is a neat addition and Super Sonic is great to play around with (significantly better Chaos Emerald minigames as well, might I add).
Then the game fucking nosedives in its second half.
After Mystic Cave Zone you get Oil Ocean (cruel badniks that are nigh-impossible to avoid getting hit by, long stretches of waiting in cannons), Metropolis (Fucking ass in every way I can describe and this is the one zone with 3 acts because fuck you), Sky Chase (Glorified cutscene), Wing Fortress (I actually don't mind it too much, it's just got a few dickish platforming segments but it's the last platforming in the game so it gets a pass) and Death Egg (Zero rings on hand against that shitty Egg robot makes for a really boring fight).
Sonic 2 does so much so well, and even at its lowest it's just on par with Labyrinth Zone from the first game, but if its second half wasn't such a fall from grace this would be an easy 9. Still love it though, excited for CD!

Its really overrated and not that better than Sonic 1 imo