Spec Ops: The Line

released on Jun 26, 2012

A third-person shooter in which three American soldiers led by Capt. Walker are sent to Dubai in order to recover whoever remains of an infantry unit, the 33rd Battalion, until they decide to take action against the militants situated in the city. As they progress, however, the logistical and ethical complexity of their objective deepens, and their perception of themselves, and their enemy, is put into question.

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jogo cansa muito depois de umas horas

People who only watch movies will love this

on a first playthrough its a fun shooter that ends tragically.
on a second playthrough its a cautionary tale with a lot of foreshadowing.
what a great game, its so visceral you can almost feel the sand in your fingers with blood as you make your way through dubai

Call of Duty if it was made by Jaden Smith