Speed Dating for Ghosts

released on Feb 13, 2018

Branching dialogue! Hard choices! A cemetery's worth of phantoms, wraiths, and poltergeists lookin' for love in all the blight places. Speed Dating for Ghosts is a weird dating sim made by a former BioWare dev and his indie rapper friend.

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Sometimes you're depressed and you just need to help someone figure out their own murder, but like, with thirst.

First 2023 completion to kickstart another year of 'reviews' that are mostly irrelevant rambles! How fitting that it should be a game that I have very little to say about, with a few general statements to make instead :)
This game was pretty fun, nothing to write home about if I'm being honest. Some cute dialogue and neat characters, couple things took me by surprised which was nice, I do appreciate when the formula is played with if only a little. Overall a chill time, doubt I'll remember it for long but sometimes it's nice to just spend an evening with something like this.
Admittedly I was hoping my first would be more significant like Xenoblade 2 but that game is taking me so long lmao. Decided to switch up my pfp as well! (Definitely wasn't copying Nancyfly..) - I love Jill but I was ready for change and a new year makes for a good excuse, felt only fitting to rep my 2022 GOTY 😌
Hope you all had wonderful holiday seasons and go on to enjoy 2023 to the fullest. I've made it a mission to play more JRPGs this year so you might get some more time between my rants... Maybe I'll finally write that FFVIIR review if the DQ XI one overtakes Shadow as my most liked :p [Nancy can't stop me from replaying it again if I say it's for that huehue]
I've got a lot on the burner but I'm open to suggestions for any must-play JRPGs (or whatever) so please feel free to drop your favourites and guilt me into playing something new! ❤️

Someone just wanted to tell a bunch of stories about cool characters and did it in a fun way. It's a good game, I just wish there were more choices that matter.

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"there's so much more, my love.
just you wait."
when a game comes along with a concept as silly as this, the best thing it can do is take itself seriously.
this is such a sweet, emotionally intelligent game. in the three times i finished it (one for each room), i was greeted with such thoughtful stories of love, loss, and starting over (with a brief foray into bank robbery, because if someone asks you to do crime, you simply don't say no <3).
incredibly sweet, incredibly funny. i'm so glad i played this

i remember liking this! fairly short and sweet, nothing super standout but a fun way to spend an afternooon